True Facts

I love to know things. I believe that the more you know the better off you are. I read, a lot. I search the internet for facts and data for clients, and for myself. Often for myself. Often for my own business.

My search efforts begin with a question:

  • how many people use this product?
  • what does my ideal client look like?
  • is there a market that will buy my product?
  • what does neuroscience say about lack of sleep?
  • which mammal is the smallest in North America? smallest in the world?

When I find something relevant I mark it, save it, copy/paste the URL or a few paragraphs that matter. Once the information is compiled I organize it and then I research some more – to flesh it out.

The final product is a report that has enough information to make a decision.

Well, I have learned that most people don't understand how research can be fun.

This surprises me. Primarily because I get a kick out of knowing things and learning things.

Today's video is an example of a “looking for the smallest mammal” project. And it's only one example. The creativity of people around the world, trying to explain the world around them, is fascinating and fun – and it helps me in my research. The video itself isn't a part of the final report. And, actually, neither is the name of the creator or even a reference to it. Because it didn't provide me with the information I needed for the report. Instead, it provided me with information that helped me understand what I needed to include in the report.

Anyway, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite YouTube channels via an example of just one of the videos. It is reminiscent of Deep Thoughts from early Saturday Night Live shows. Enjoy.




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