What is Mindset?

Grow Because You Know is all about:

  • Grow Your Mind
  • Grow Your Heart
  • Grow Your Business

Work on the first two and your business will be a success.

Everyone has heard of the law of attraction and positive thinking. Mindset is these and more. Mindset is the way we perceive success. It is the negative, fear induced thoughts that hold you back versus positive, self-supporting thoughts that help you grow.

Your mindset has three basic parts – your IQ, the behavioral patterns you’ve learned, and your abilities or skills. Your mindset is your beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities. It’s what you believe about your intelligence, your talent, your personality, and your abilities. It’s the belief of whether you believe these traits are fixed traits that can’t be changed or if they can be learned and improved upon throughout your life.

There are two kinds of mindset: fixed mindset and growth mindset.

Fixed Mindset

People who have a fixed mindset believe they were born with everything they need to succeed:

  • intelligence
  • skills
  • talent

They believe they are guaranteed success simply because of the characteristics and talents they already have. They seldom try new things, take chances, or look at things from a different perspective.

People with a fixed mindset often worry about their mindset traits and their suitability. They often feel that they have to prove things to themselves and others. Yet, they only do what they feel comfortable doing. They can achieve some success but more often than not, they reach a ceiling that keeps them from moving any further up the success chain.

Growth Mindset

People with a growth mindset believe anyone can achieve success with hard work and a believer’s attitude. They don’t believe in quitting. This allows them to strive while others run into roadblocks.

These people believe everyone is teachable. They are willing to learn what they need to in order to grow to the next level. People with a growth mindset believe they have some natural abilities in certain areas but it must be cultivated in order to take full advantage of it.

They know there is always room to improve on what they know and they’re not afraid to fail. They know trying and failing are important parts of learning and achieving. They are willing to put in the effort to succeed by taking action that moves them toward their goals.

Your mindset is made up of your skills, your intelligence, and your behavioral patterns. Some believe they are fixed and cannot be changed or enhanced. Others see them as the starting point to growth and change.


Changing Your Mindset

I began with a fixed mindset, somehow believing that I was born knowing what to do and when to do it.

Then, after many years of learning new things through colleges and self-paced learning online, earning a few degrees and delving into the biochemistry of the brain, I had an ‘awakening' of sorts. Actually, it was a Halogen lightbulb moment when I realized that I wasn't born with a fixed outcome for my life! That I actually had the power to create myself and become who I wanted to be.

That's when I developed a growth mindset. That's when real change happened to my thinking, feeling and behaving.

If you are stuck and wondering why …

If you are frustrated because you aren't ‘where you're supposed to be' …

Check your mindset – is it Fixed? Hmmm, may I suggest that now is the time to begin changing to Growth?



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