I've been asked to do video of myself and have had the darnedest time of it! A weekend ago I sat myself down and recorded myself multiple times – and after ‘take 63' I deleted and said screw it … I'll do it when I have something to say.

Well, today I had something to say. FYI – this is raw and unedited.

In a nutshell:

You just don't know what kind of effect you have on people. Recently I was stunned by someone's comment about not wanting to be around the homeless people  – Those People. I'm not talking about walking the streets and hanging out with the homeless. In our area we have a mission house that owns an old hotel. It's used to house homeless individuals and families. In return for housing, board, etc. these people are taught skills in cooking, serving, catering, presenting. Local business groups meet there because the food is good and the service is excellent. This is the place that the person was talking about. “Do you know who goes there?” she asked.

My reaction is in the video.

It doesn't take much to ensure that another human being is given a bit of dignity.

Sometimes, all you need to do is listen.


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0 thoughts on “Sometimes, All You Need To Do Is Listen

  1. Great Post, Beautiful story. You are one of the angels that walking on this earth. I truly believe in Angels. A reminder that a friendly ear is all that is needed.

    1. Oh Linda, you’re too kind. I believe in angels and have a difficult time seeing myself as one. I’m just as broken as the next person, but grateful that I have something to offer another person other than a snub.

    1. Hi Preston. Good to see you here and thanks for commenting. I have many stories like that and sometimes I just can’t stop being angry when someone speaks like she did. That’s when I forget that people like her are broken, too. Sounds like you’re carrying a heavy burden – I hope you find a way to surrender and let go so that you can move forward.

  2. What a lovely story and it just goes to show, that we simply shouldn’t judge those who are down on their luck. Circumstances can happen to the best of people.

  3. Charlene… what an amazing story and so blessed that you were there to listen, to make such an important difference that changed the course of and saved that man’s life 🙂 such a great lesson to share with the world and love the video, well done my friend, blessings!

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