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make money 1 hour day

Ever wanted to make a few extra dollars a month, in your spare time – not with a second job – using your phone or laptop?

I found, and verified, legitimate sites offering ways you can make money in less than 1 hour a day.

email templates welcome series

10 Templates for email follow-up because The Money is in the Follow-Up and The Best Follow-Up is Email! 

10 Easy to follow and fill in templates for an email series to be used when someone downloads YOUR lead magnet. Make it easy for your new subscriber to Know, Like and Trust you!

affiliate marketing guide for the beginner

Affiliate marketing doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as easy as finding 1 product, from 1 seller, that pays you to share 1 link with someone or a lot of ‘someones'

future proof your income

2020 proved to you that you MUST do something to ensure you have an income – something different than relying on a job or the Federal government. Many people, me included, had their incomes soar … because we Future Proofed it well before 2020. 

This Newbie-Friendly Guide is the BEST guide for those who are new to making money online and
it’s a good one for those who have been doing it a while and want to know what they should be doing NOW to future proof their income.