The premise of this site is that Knowledge is Power – that means when you Know something you can now Do something. It doesn't mean that just because you Know…you understand. That's Wisdom. And it comes from the doing. The ultimate goal is Action. Because that is when your knowledge+wisdom=profitability.

Some of you get this.

Some of you don't.

Think about this:

How many times do you say “It's just like riding a bike!” Meaning it's easy to do or that once you've done it or ‘know how' to do it you'll be able to always do it.

Not true. Just because you know how to ride a bike doesn't mean that every time you are presented with a bike you will know how to ride it.

The same holds true with marketing. Just because you “Know” what a marketing funnel is doesn't mean that very time you set one up it will work like you need it to.

Or with business. Just because you “Know” how to make money selling a service doesn't mean you can make money with a product.

I love this video! To me it clearly shows the reason I am working on my business every day, learning new things every day, ready to be flexible with my customers and with opportunities that come my way. What do you think?



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