Daily Profit Killer #3 – Allowing Social Media to Distract You

It might seem a little silly that I'm writing such a post. But, one of the biggest daily profit killers is social media. It is really a big, distracting problem for many people in business all over the world.


It's fun and exciting to see what other people are doing on Facebook and Twitter and other platforms.

It's fun and exciting to follow the latest news updates and things like that, since many of us do get our “breaking news” updates from social media.

And yet, this is a huge problem if you're spending hours on hours of your day on social media every day. Heck, even if it’s just a few hours – that’s too much time you’re spending on social media!

It's a huge problem if you're constantly checking Twitter feeds and Facebook updates from your phone or your computer or wherever you do it.

Your work time is your work time.

Listen, social media can be a great business tool. But, it can be really easy to convince yourself that you’re on there to do business – when the reality is that you often get sucked down the rabbit hole.

Make sure you focus when you're using social media for business—have a plan for how and why you’re using it.  For Facebook, use Chrome browser and install News Feed Eradicator. It literally removes your feed. You have access to groups, notifications, messages, and any shortcuts you have created. It’s so much easier to NOT get sucked down the rabbit hole when you don’t have a feed to scroll.

Completely shut down social media accounts and don't check them or allow notifications to come through while you're working on other things.

Pay attention to your work.

Focus on your work.

There will always time for social media in your off hours.

Use social media well and it can help you profit. Allow social media to become a distraction and it can suck all your profits and productivity away.

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