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How To Sell Yourself Without Panic Attack or Throwing Up!

“Can anyone tell me if they got over how to sell yourself without having a major panic attack and throwing up?”

A question asked often in social media groups for business owners, freelancers, and contractors.

My answer is …¬†Yes.

First, you're more than an introvert.

It sounds like you suffer from social anxiety – just as I once did.

Before I started my business in 2008 I was okay talking to people 1:1 or in very small groups – as long as it was something I was prepared ahead of time to talk about. Mostly when I conducted training sessions. Small talk and general conversation about anything personal wasn't easy for me.

Second, Toastmasters helped me.

I learned how to prepare to speak in public and how to do small talk in small groups. I asked my group “how do I navigate business networking?” and they answered with examples of how to approach someone (we're there for a reason so be prepared to start a conversation with these 3 questions).

Third, by my 3rd year of membership I was hosting my own business networking group, speaking from the stage locally and nationally at business-related conferences.

Fourth, along the way I also got sales training. Consultative sales training. This is what made the difference in my being able to take people from social media to a video call to be a customer.

Fifth, practice. At every opportunity push through the anxiety, suffer the embarrassment of being awkward. Both are short-term effects for long-term success.

Sixth, do you have to do the above? No. I didn't either. I was getting clients from LinkedIn and other social media in 2009.

Why did I do it?

Because I wanted to get over the social anxiety! I wanted more than hiding behind my keyboard.

I was 44 years old when I started my business and I was tired of being the quiet one.

I went from not talking to strangers except to say “nice to meet you” to

– hosting my own networking groups
– hosting a daily morning live streaming program
– having a podcast for a year (back before it was popular in 2011-12)
– attending conferences around the country
– being a Board member in an association
– being an advisor for the SBDC in our area
– leading mastermind groups for biz owners
– leading in person workshops on how to things online
– speaking at conferences around the country

***Most Important of All***

talking to prospects about myself and my business – with ease and with confidence.

  1. Know what you offer and why they need it
  2. Find those who are asking for what you offer
  3. Connect, engage, show your offer as a solution to a problem they brought up
  4. Get them to a video call
  5. Practice consultative selling
  6. Turn them into a client

You get to decide what outside help you're going to get. My suggestion is that you decide to get that outside help – fast. That is, if you want to move forward in your business.

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