daily profit killer 4

Daily Profit Killer #4 – Not Using and Following A Process

There are certain things you do on a daily basis for your business. Struggling through these same tasks over and over again is an inefficient, poor habit.

Instead, create a process for each of your common, important tasks.

Write down the steps you follow every single time to get things done better and more efficiently. Now you have a checklist you can follow every time you need to do that type of work again. You won't have to think about the next steps while you're working on these things. You'll be able to breeze through these frequent tasks with ease by just following the checklist.

Your process and strategies for common tasks should be so defined that you could easily hand the steps over to a remote freelancer or contractor if needed.

You likely waste a lot of time thinking about next steps; even for things you do all the time. End that now—don’t waste time worrying about what the next step should be. Instead, develop systems, breeze through it, and get it done. Tweak your strategy so you’re efficient and confident while you’re working.

What to do with the checklist? Some people will be able to keep a copy of that checklist by their monitor or taped to the wall in front of them and work through it. Others need to actually mark a task as done. And, then there are others who prefer to hear the checklist, so they record themselves reading off each item.

The point is simple: know what your system or process is and follow it so that you don't waste time re-inventing something.  Don't want to deal with creating those checklists yourself? Check out these checklists offered by an expert in creating 6 & 7 figure online businesses >>>Checklists for Online Businesses<<<

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