Do I Want to Be a Business Owner or a Blogger?

Well, both…really.

I was talking with a young woman, in her 30's, about her vision for her business. She's not a business owner, yet, but she has the general vision of the business will be. When she finished sharing her thoughts with me I told her that she has a great vision for a great business. Then came the question: where do I begin?

The beginning can be as simple or as difficult as you want it to be.

If you want an online business, the easiest way to begin is to start a blog.

What to write about:

Begin with your business vision – what you see the business offering, the services or products. Then think about the problems those services or products solve. If you have more than 1 problem then those are your categories to write about.

Take this blog as an example. The problems I address include

  • asking the questions you won't ask yourself
  • how to change one's mindset from fear to freedom
  • how to leave the corporate life and step out on your own
  • how to share your story to help someone 
  • how to overcome obstacles in personal growth
  • that feeling of being alone as an introvert
  • how to do internet marketing that works
  • how to grow a business
  • how to build a team

My story is sprinkled throughout the posts. And my hope is always that someone, ready to take the steps to grow themselves through owning a business or sharing their story or learning something new, will know that they're not alone and can get the training, support and encouragement they need from me and my team.

Now you know what to write about, let's get blogging…

Because it's an inexpensive way to stake your claim on a piece of online real estate that is all about you. It's where you can share your images, videos, writings with others. It's where we can go to find you, in one place…not scattered across multiple platforms.

From the blog you build a following. It's the followers you have that will help you grow your blog into a business. Because you'll be sharing the solutions your business offers and little by little, your activity will be noticed and people will respond. 

Also, you can advertise products and/or services that you offer or endorse as an affiliate. Look at my side bar and you'll see banner ads for products and services that I'm connected with. Some I endorse and receive a payment when you purchase it. Others I created myself and am personally involved with on a regular basis. 

So, do you want to start simple…with a blog, something you can manage, that has a domain name that becomes recognized by the search engines and your followers?

Or do you want to do it the difficult way…spend a lot of money to launch with a bang and hope you get enough sales to cover your costs? Because if you don't have a list of email addresses, or a following of fans, then your launch will require a lot of money to be used in paid advertising. (I know because this is what my team at Search by Burke does for clients)

Your choice.

Mine is to blog. Then sell from the blog. 

Learn more about the blog platform I'm using here:  Yes, It's a WordPress Blog


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