The Road to Independence

I've always been an independent thinker. And, really, when I think about it, I've always been an independent doer.

I'm not flashy about it.

I tend to just quietly go about doing what I think is the right thing to do.

This often conflicts with the trend of the day. Or the views of the ‘enlightened' ones of the day. And sometimes results in my ‘going my own way' while many others are going in a different direction. Because most of the time what they're doing simply doesn't make sense to me.

I've been told that I like to do things the hard way. But, really, that's not true.

Every decision I make is the right decision at the time I make it. It's based on information, feelings, and knowledge available at the time I make it. And many times these decisions have taken me on interesting journeys that have been challenging personally and professionally.

More importantly, this type of thinking and decision making has made me stronger and more fulfilled than if I had relied on someone or something else to do things for me.

I believe:

We are capable of taking care of ourselves.

That doesn't mean we're alone in our efforts.

It does mean that we rely on each other, our friends, colleagues, business associates, and mentors for guidance, encouragement, and training. And for those who are incapable, we have non-profit organizations and churches. Those associations, organizations, and church that I belong to are focused on helping the individual to be as independent as possible.

Honestly, the more dependent a person is on someone else or something else…the less hope that person has.

The greatest thing I can give to someone is my support and guidance on how to be independent.

Which is why I moderate Mastermind Groups for Business Owners, offer products such as eBooks and Guides, offer training programs for those who want to learn internet marketing and branding and how to run a business. It's why I hosted a Morning Mindset program weekdays on Blab (a live streaming platform no longer available) to study and discuss success principles. And, it's why I host The GROW Alliance Facebook Group.

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