If there's one thing I've learned about owning a business, it's this:

The Vision Is Not Enough

  • Just because I can ‘see' the end result doesn't mean it will happen.
  • Just because I can ‘see' the positive impact on others, doesn't mean it will happen.
  • Just because I can ‘see' the team that I will have, doesn't mean they will be there.

This past year I've had the pleasure of meeting thousands of people from around the world. Their backgrounds have run the gamut from start up Upcycler (turning trash & waste into useful products) to 30+ year business veteran looking to share the wealth of knowledge. And, many in between:

Some are successful business owners, some are struggling in their personal lives, some are just beginning their business journey, some have been on the road a few years and getting worn down.

Those that are successful today all have something in common: they had a vision, backed it with Faith, laid out a plan and were persistent in following the plan.

The vision is the carrot, the destination, the reward, the end result. And it's what keeps us going through ‘tough' times. If the vision is strong enough, I will find a way around the obstacles. Obstacles to this point have been: unplanned medical issues, deaths of family or friends, failed marketing campaigns, sudden financial losses.

Without the vision of what I want the business to look like, what I want to be, and who I want to be serving, I would have stopped the business many times along the way.

Vision Plus … Will Make You Successful

Faith: your vision will happen because you believe it will
Plan of action: if you don't have a plan in place, begin thinking about the necessity of having a plan and be open-minded enough to see opportunities and people who can help you with creating a plan to make the vision happen.
Commitment: to do what the plan says to do
Persistence: to keep going in spite of troubles
Alliance with a group: meeting regularly with successful people to solve problems, learn new tactics, grow your network

There's more, of course, but these are the core thoughts and actions of the successful people I've been surrounding myself with.

If you have a vision but aren't sure where to begin, let's talk! We can have a 30 minute conversation, at the end of which you can decide if what I have to offer will help you reach your vision. Just book a time using the calendar you can reach via this page: Consult With Charlene.

If you have a plan of action but are having difficulties sticking to it, consider joining a Mastermind Group. The Goals & Accountability Group is a perfect fit for you if you've been wondering what a Mastermind Group is all about. The cost is reasonable, the time commitment is 3 months, the group is facilitated the same way the Grow Your Business Group is – and you meet business owners who are focused on getting things done, while these same business owners want to help you focus on getting things done. The January, 2016 group has a few seats available – register your interest and let's have a conversation:  Get It Done.

And, if you have a vision and are ready to move forward with blogging, online marketing training, training on how to be a top producer and how to build a team…then sign up below to learn more.


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