The One Thing You Can Do

I don't know.

As far as I know, there are many things that must be in place before any business is successful, such as a:

  • Quality Product or Service that is
  • Needed by the Market You're Targeting that is willing to pay the
  • Price you set and
  • Trusts You and Your Company to be who you say you are in your
  • Advertising and Promotion

Then there are the technical aspects that begin with a

  • Website that needs
  • Traffic from various
  • Sources like
  • Live Events and
  • Webinars and
  • Social Media and
  • Television and
  • Radio and
  • Search Engines and
  • Banner Ads on other websites and
  • Print material relevant to your target market such as
  • Magazines and
  • Newspapers and
  • Periodicals of some sort.

Then there is the Mindset of the owner and team members that must be in the mode of

  • Success through
  • Actions that is based on
  • Knowledge from
  • Research  and a willingness to learn from
  • Testing and
  • Measuring and
  • Taking Risks

Now add in money that is needed to cover the costs of

  • Tools that will be used by team members – or just you – that include basics like
  • Telephone and
  • Internet Access and
  • Bookkeeping Software

I think you can see why I can't answer that question, honestly.

BUT – for those of you that really must have an answer to the question:

What Is The One Thing

You Can Do

To Be Successful In Business?


The one word answer to the question is Gumption.

You must have it to get started.

You must have it to ride out the highs and lows of building a business.

You must have it to get to the results you're looking for.


If you have gumption and are ready to start your own business today – we need to talk.

I use a system that offers everything you need to own a successful business

…as long as you have the gumption.

It's a simple system…not easy…but simple.

It does require work on your part, but if you put as much effort into this business as you do working for someone else – your results and rewards will be much, much more than you are getting now.

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