Email Marketing – The Truth About List Building

Email marketing was a thorn in my business. Truly, it was. I didn't understand how to stay connected with my email list in a way that would help me build my business. So, I did what I always do when I need to Know something – I researched and learned and experimented. Now, you need to know that I'm still researching and experimenting. I'm falling on my face in some cases and in others I'm succeeding wildly – that's attributable to having a very targeted market and highly targeted email list.

Knowing how valuable quality information about list building is, and how important it is for new marketers and entrepreneurs to know, I pulled together enough information to create an ebook. Right now, I'm putting the final touches on that ebook and I will soon be offering for sale: List Building Bullet.

Here is the introduction and what will be covered … please, tell me what you think:


The Truth About List Building

A fatal mistake that new marketers and entrepreneurs make when building their online business is in NOT growing a mailing list.

For many, it takes years before they understand the importance of building and growing a targeted list of prospects. However, once they experience the dramatic impact that having a pre-made customer base at their fingertips, they never, ever look back.

Here’s the reality of the situation:

Success-with-Time-ManagementYou could literally work 24 hours a day around the clock struggling to advertise your business, generate buzz and interest and effectively build brand awareness AND you just might be successful. However, in the time that it takes you to accomplish even 3/4 of that, your competition…

The ones who have focused on building targeted, responsive mailing lists…

can simply spend 10 minutes crafting a SINGLE email, pull the trigger and wipe out all of your efforts – instantly.

While you are left scrambling to put the pieces together and begin your “manual” marketing strategy again, they simply rinse and repeat the process, racing miles ahead of you time and time again. They cover more ground in less time, stake their claim in the most profitable markets and leave you scratching your head and wondering how the hell they do it, and why you can’t even make it halfway to the finish line.

The key to their success? They build, grow and monetize mailing lists.

Unless you have a full time staff of hundreds of employees or freelancers working to build your online business, there is absolutely no way to remain competitive in your niche market without having a subscriber base of targeted prospects who are willing to receive your email messages and respond to your broadcasts.

It’s not only a vital component in the massive growth of any online business, but it’s the smartest and easiest way to build credibility in your market, and to position yourself as an authority figure.

And don’t listen to anyone who tells you that list building and email marketing is complicated, costly or worse, not an integral part of your online success.

You NEED a list, and after today, you will know exactly how and where to get one without having to pay a fortune in customer acquisition or in generating exposure for your online business.

In truth, building a targeted, responsive list isn’t all that difficult to do once you have the right tools and resources.

In fact, within a few days from now you should be well on your way towards growing an incredibly targeted following that will not only READ your messages but is consistently RESPONSIVE.

  1. You’ll know how to build massive mailing lists of flaming hot prospects, salivating buyers, and even joint venture partners who are more than eager to set up campaigns with you.
  2. You will understand the REAL dynamics to list building, know how to exploit the fastest-action driven list building campaigns ever revealed and finally, build an online brand that is instantly recognized as a valuable player in your niche market.
  3. You will know how to monetize EVERY email you ever send out, whether it’s designed to be free content or a promotional broadcast.

email_listmonetizeFrom list building stealth strategies that pull the rug out from under your competitors and force them to make room for you in the market, to instant monetization tactics that will generate passive, automated income from day ONE – you will be able to equip yourself with the knowledge, information and tools you need to maximize your income, broaden your horizon, and leave your mark in your industry.

These are the strategies they don’t want you to know about. You won’t find this information in “traditional” guides and eBooks that mislead you, confuse you and ultimately steal your chances of really being a successful email marketer.

Your competition may be rubbing their greedy little paws together revelling in the sheer simplicity of retaining their foothold in the market, and monopolizing the industry you are desperate to enter, but by the time you finish reading this rare collection of proven list building strategies, you will be more than ready to claim the success that you truly deserve.



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