Are You Ever Too Old to Change?

Change is scary. It seems to get scarier the older we get. Since 2008, I've met many women over 50 who lost their corporate jobs and are floundering with what to do next. Then there are those who are scared they're going to lose their jobs. Both scenarios are happening every day to women and my concern is that they're paralyzed by fear and uncertainty. And that means they're not doing anything except sitting in their fear.

What is the Fear?

They're scared to invest monies in their education because:

  • what if I'm not any good after I learn the skill?
  • what if the skill isn't needed when I'm finished learning?
  • what if I can't find a job?
  • what if I can't find customers?
  • what if I lose more than I already have?

They're scared to start their own business because:

  • what if I lose all my money?
  • how can I plan for retirement if I don't have customers?
  • how in the world do you operate a business without business experience?

They're scared to make a decision because:

  • they might be wrong.
  • they might be right.

And yet, they have the power to choose – all along the way! Consider this: we make choices every single day. We make decisions constantly based on the information in front of us. The only difference between the day to day decisions we're confident in making and the business decisions we face is this:

we could have less money if we make the wrong decision in business.

Note that I didn't say we could lose money. We don't lose money in business. We make decisions based on information at the time and if we come out with less than what we started…we simply have less. And that is the risk. Can we live on less for a while? For as long as needed to put the money to use to make more money? I ask because my experience has been that even when the check book has been as low as $200 I was able to make more money and keep the business operating, pay the household bills and have food on the table. 

Today, women over 50 have the power to choose what will happen to them. The opportunities are in front of them and they're scared to take them.

I'm asking that you who read this … please help me reach those women so they know:

  • They're not alone.
  • If they choose to be in business…they're not alone.
  • If they choose to invest in their education for skills, training, business knowledge…they're not alone.

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I don't want them to be afraid anymore.

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