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The Purpose of Copywriting

The purpose of copywriting is to make sales

Sales – Sales – Sales – Sales

My clients hire me to advertise their products using words.

My job as a copywriter is to use words to convince people to purchase a product.

I use research to dig in for facts and benefits and present them in a way

that compels the potential buyer to take action.


Just in case you were wondering where I stand on the difference between

Copywriting and Content Writing…

The purpose of copywriting is to get results – click a link, subscribe to email updates, turn the page.

The purpose of direct response copywriting is to make sales.

Whether it is for a client or for my own product…

My aim is to use words to

persuade the reader or viewer to take action

that leads to the purchase of a product or service.

As a direct response copywriter, there is a framework I write within…

designed to take the potential buyer from where they are in the buyer's cycle

to take a specific action so they quickly end up at the Buy Button.

buy button

I dig in with research for facts and benefits — then present them in a way that¬†grabs their attention

and makes them want to know more because it's obvious

that you know their challenges – and have the solution.

While I can write clever copy and witty ads…

sales letter copyand do write the “in your face with what people think but don't say” phrases…

sometimes simple and straightforward copy works best to bring in more sales.

It depends on the offer – the audience – where they are in the buyer cycle.

Yes – I can, and do – write content in the form of articles and ebooks and blog posts and reports and more –

Their purpose is to educate and inform and guide. They are used in the general marketing of a product or service to build interest in your product or service.

When I write copy … as a direct response copywriter …

the primary purpose is to make a sale.

I know this because I started in direct response –

when I was in my 20s I managed a direct mail subsidiary owned by the manufacturer of promotional apparel, ie caps, jackets, teeshirts, etc.

trifold self mailer

Designing self-mailers with an order form attached…

writing copy and product descriptions focused on

Belonging – Inclusion – Status

to compel them to order or re-order.


Writing copy for

  • sales pages
  • optin pages
  • sales letters
  • postcards
  • social media ads
  • virtual sales letters
  • video scripts
  • advertorials
  • emails
  • and other advertising media

is what a direct response copywriter does well.

The intention is to make a sale.

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