Master the Habit of Procrastination

One of this week's Morning Mindset readings was about Procrastination. Actually, it was more than that. It was an outline of how to master the habit of procrastination. And, honestly, when we have a Definite Goal or Chief Aim for our life it's difficult to understand why we procrastinate – considering that when we put off doing something that gets us closer to our end goal…we're the ones to blame when we don't reach it. But, we do it, don't we? All of us do the procrastination thing once in a while. For those that have found it to be habit – here is what you can do to master it beginning today:

  1. Doing one definite thing each day, that needs to be done, without relying on someone else to tell you to do it.
  2. Find at least one thing that you can do each day that will be of value to others or someone else – with no expectation of pay.
  3. Telling at least one other person, each day, the value of practicing this ‘habit of doing something that ought to be done without being told to do it'.

What you're doing is exercising your initiative muscle.

Procrastination is an anchor that makes it very difficult for us to have initiative.

Oh, we can think about helping others all day long. Or, think about doing something that needs to be done (do you have a Honey-Do list?). But without action – the thinking means nothing. Initiative is taking the action, which breaks us free from procrastination.

I'd love to know what you think of this. Share your thoughts below.

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