Super Bowl 2015 and the 1%

NFL officials.

Two NFL football teams playing the final game.

Top sales person in the company.

Best manager in the division.

Top producer in a network marketing business.

CEO of a successful business.

Owner of a home business that makes enough money each month to support the family.

All of the above are 1%ers.

They're the top 1% of the company, the industry, the market place, the group, the region.

It's not just income that makes someone a part of the 1%.

NFL Officials are trusted with the game balls. For some reason the kerfuffle about deflated balls was large enough to warrant handing the responsibility to them. And everyone in the league trusts them. Because they are a small group of people that are worthy of that trust.

Two NFL teams, the Patriots and the Seahawks, through hard work and dedication have battled their way to the final game. The game that will determine the champion team.

The top sales person of the company took her training and put it to work for her with daily planning, goal setting, getting in front of the prospect, doing excellent presentations, constantly closing and being laser focused on her goals.

The best manager in the division is a servant leader, one who believes that his responsibility is to the company while insuring his team believes they are a valuable part of the company. He cajoles, encourages, teaches, leads his team in such a way that they believe they are important.

Being a Top Producer in a network marketing business requires vision, dedication, social networking skills and sales skills all applied on a daily basis.

The CEO of a successful business is in that position because she has a vision of where the company can be and is able to get the team members (employees) on board with that vision. She can motivate the company leaders into action while she, herself, is actively networking with partner companies and other CEOs. Goal setting, dedication to the vision, working every day toward the end goal, and more all contribute to her (and the company's) success. Also dedicated to working 100 hour weeks doing all that needs to be done.

The owner of a home business that is able to bring in enough income, monthly, to support the family is working hard, has a vision of what she wants the business to look like, is nurturing relationships with people that can help her business grow, has set goals and is focused on accomplishing them and works hard daily to reach her vision.

How Did They Become a Part of the 1%?

  • Commitment.
  • Dedication.
  • Discipline.
  • Vision.
  • Hard Work.

Yes, it is that simple.

Easy? No. I didn't say that, did I?

I'm working toward being a member of the 1% in both income and business ownership within my industry.

I have a system in place, the products and services to sell, the team to support my vision. My hold up is in some of the tactics that I will need to apply to accomplish this Goal.

For me, that is video. But, I am committed to doing it so you will soon be seeing video of me on this blog and the YouTube channel.

It doesn't matter that I'm uncomfortable with video.

It doesn't matter that I'm not experienced with video.

Video is necessary for me to accomplish the vision I have for the business – therefore, it must be done.

Commitment – Dedication – Discipline – Vision – Hard Work

Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and you, too can be a part of the 1%.

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