Blogging for Customers is Like Fishing with Premium Bait

You pay a little bit now for a quality platform so that you can attract customers who are looking for you.

Oh my, another ‘blogging for money’ post!

I take it you’ve been reading a lot of blogs that talk about how you can blog for money, heh?

Me, too.


Because it’s true.

When you own a blog and use it to share information that you:

  • Found valuable for your own business
  • Use regularly to grow your business
  • Believe your future customers will benefit from knowing

Then you can expect to increase your customer base.

People who read your blog are looking for information – and you’re providing it.

And … your regular readers will come to rely on you for information they need.

And …  your readers will learn to trust you and see you as an expert – or at least, as someone credible.

And … because your readers value what you have to say, believe that you know what you’re talking about, when they need your product or service they will buy from you.

Really? Yes.

Here’s a comment from a Business Consultant that uses her blog to get new clients:

The blog is my way of sharing my perspective and attracting like-minded professionals to engage with me. Quite often a prospective client has engaged my services because the content of the blog appealed to them and then they have visited the About Me Page and taken things forward.


Well, the first step is to make sure that your visitor knows how to buy from you. Really.

It helps to have clear instructions for the reader to follow.

And I mean clear.

Like this:

I’m using a blogging platform that helps me create viral blog posts. I chose to use this platform instead of the free ones because:

  1. The free don’t allow me to sell advertising space, limit or block my ability to use an affiliate link on the site, and the free sites use MY blog to advertise THEIR service.
  2. The cost for this platform is only $25 a month and…
  3.  I can get help, through the platform, with headlines and ideas of what to blog about.

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