I Was Having FUN Until She Stole My Underwear

I had been traveling for a few weeks, attending back-to-back business conferences in Irvine, California and Nashville, Tennessee. And while the travel tired me, I was excited and happy to be at both. Attending workshops, listening to incredible speakers, learning new things, meeting new people, sharing my own experiences and expertise with others. Overall, a grand time!

Nashville is where it happened. More specifically, the Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Resort.

gaylord opryland delta atrium
Gaylord Opryland Delta Atrium

Many years ago (and I do mean many…years ago), I learned that over-packing was a waste of time, energy and space in the suitcase. I actually can pack two week's worth of clothing into a carry on bag, though this particular trip I decided to go a bit larger on the suitcase to accommodate extra shoes and dress clothes.

Undergarments (okay, panties) are so easy to wash in the bathroom sink that I've gotten used to packing no more than a week's worth, regardless of the length of my trips away from home. And this trip was no different.

It was Day 2 of 7 for my week in Nashville, Day 10 of my living out of the suitcase.

The day began with full sunshine streaming through the window, light snoring from my three roommates, and the gurgling of the coffee pot as I brewed my first cup of the day. Before my roommates awakened, I wanted to make good use of the bathroom time I had available. So, I organized my clothes for the remaining 5 days I would spend in Nashville.laundry_step1

I washed 5 pair of panties, a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. The panties were laid flat on a towel to dry, and being polite and modest and mindful of my roommates I folded the sides of the towel over them. The towel was laid next to my suitcase and was to be there overnight, and my routine is to complete the drying process using a hair dryer. Works beautifully and is a lot less expensive than using the hotel laundry facility ($4/each just for the underwear!)

By this time my roommates were awake and ready to get on with the day. After a full day of MasterMinding with fellow business owners, I stopped by the hotel room to freshen up before dinner. I went to my suitcase to grab a blouse and saw that the towel was gone!

Next to the suitcase was a small, clear plastic bag and inside were 2 pair of damp panties. Moving things around I realized that the other 3 pair were no where to be found! Oh. My. Geezy! They'd been taken!

Feeling a bit disconcerted, and then a bit annoyed…followed by a need to make things right – I called the hotel concierge desk, which advertised itself as Consider It Done. Well, let's see what they would do with this!

hotel concierge did not get my panties back to me

Knowing that I would be the “call of the day”, I spoke with a kind male voice about my situation. I told him

“It appears that housekeeping has stolen my underwear”

Without letting a smirk, giggle or full smile come through the phone, he was very sympathetic and asked appropriate questions. Then he assured me that this situation would be resolved, including his contacting the laundry area as well as the housekeeping manager. He did ask that I call back in the morning because he wouldn't be able to speak to the laundry manager until the next day.

Yes, I called the next morning. He wasn't available, but a new concierge was. He wasn't quite as sympathetic and essentially told me that the laundry schedule for hotel linen was spread out over days and that it could be as long as a week before my panties would actually be found. (uh huh, sure) Then he told me he was sorry and that was all he could do.

So, here I stand…5 days of event to go and 2 pair of panties to get me through.

I know, it could (and has been) worse. And I made it through without major difficulties.

But I admit that even now, I can't help thinking that there is a housekeeper out there, enjoying the comfort of all cotton orange polka dot panties.

I wish her well.


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0 thoughts on “I Was Having FUN Until She Stole My Underwear

  1. I laughed so hard I snorted. Funniest memory of the whole week. I’m glad I got to experience it first hand as your roomie. However, I do mourn the loss of your orange polka dot panties. Those are hard to come by! (still laughing.)

    1. Thanks, Vashon! Yes, those panties are hard to come by. Haven’t replaced them yet and it’s doubtful I’ll be able to. *sigh* But, I’m sure she’s enjoying them. Me? Well, let’s just say the bottom is covered in cotton and feeling just fine 🙂

  2. Charlene, Great post. Love the way you tell your story. Let me know when you are ready to write your book. You made my day. As a two time military veteran it all counts; it could be it beans, bullets or drawers. We like to make sure everything is covered 🙂

    1. YES, Earl! It ALL counts! Thank you for understanding. And I’m so glad you stopped by. My story is still unfolding, so my book isn’t ready to be written just yet. One day soon, though.

  3. OMG! I laughed so hard reading this! Freaking hilarious! So there are 3 pairs of underwear still floating around Opryland huh? Honestly I’m sure they’ve seen it before and probably have a “Lost Underwear” section just like the airports have a lost luggage section.

    OMG, I’m in tears just writing this.

    But listen, what I need to know is, how in the world do you pack one weeks worth of clothes in an overhead luggage bag? You’ve got to do a post and video on this. I can’t wait to read that one 🙂

    1. Aw, thanks Sonja 🙂 I’m not so sure about the ‘lost underwear’ section, just know I’m still missing 3 pair. As for packing a week’s worth of clothing in a carry-on (actually I can pack 2 week’s worth) it’s all in the type of clothes and final destination needs. In this case, I needed to pack dress shoes & more than the normal slacks because the 1st week I was in Irvine, CA and needed to be a bit more professionally dressed than the 2nd week when I was in Nashville. I just might write a post about what and how I pack…thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. This is hilarious Charlene. Ok…being the benefit-of-the-doubt person that I am. I’m going to assume that since the towel was folded she didn’t see the other under wears and assumed there were only two. I am also going to assume that there are some orange towels floating around the Gaylord Opryland. Hahaha..Sorry just can’t imagine someone wearing already-worn under wear.

    1. Sorry, Nicole – all 5 pair were in the towel…2 were removed and put into a clear plastic bag and set next to my suitcase. Not possible to have missed the other 3. But, I like that you tried to see another side 🙂

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