Daily Success Habit 9 – Work during Work Hours

When do you do the majority of your work?

If you're like many people who work for themselves, it's highly likely that you find yourself working day and nigh. That your work time frequently encroaches upon your fun and family time. Maybe your family wonders where you are and what you're doing because you're constantly working.

I encourage you to set work hours for yourself. It's far healthier to get your work done during the workday than it is to work from sun up to sun down. You'll quickly burn yourself out. You’ll have a lot more energy to profit more if you're able to turn the work off in off hours.

You'll also be more creative if you learn to turn the work off. It's often when you least expect it that you get your best, most profitable ideas. But, if you're always working, you'll reach burnout and you won't have those new, fresh, very profitable ideas you could be having.

Set your work hours and let everyone know what your work hours are and what they aren't. Make it clear that you will not attend to business in your off hours.

Something I started doing many years ago was to shut down the computer at or before 8 pm every evening. This got me into a habit of a pre-shutdown routine that included tidying up the desk, making final checks on email, reviewing the calendar so I could prepare for tomorrow, and making a final list of all that I had finished that day. You can set your start or end time for any number you want. I encourage you to do it and stick with it for at least 30 days. You'll see a marked improvement in your overall productivity, your creativity, and maybe even see increased sales.

This is Day 9 in a 10 Day series about daily success habits. You can read Day 1Day 2Day 3, Day 4, Day 5Day 6, Day 7, Day 8.

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