Daily Success Habit 2 - Have Your Goals in Mind and Revisit Them Every Day

Daily Success Habit 2 – Have Your Goals in Mind and Revisit Them Every Day

There are numerous places  on my blog where I've talked about how important it is to have your daily goals in mind. And how important it is it know what your long-term goals are and what your short-term goals are. You can find a post here:

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Not only should you know what your goals are, but they should be very specific goals. Know your exact numbers, dates, deadlines, and more. These are what you're working toward. These are what will help you be more profitable. When you achieve these things, you’ll be a success based on your own criteria.

Don’t just write these goals down one time and forget about them. That isn't what goal setting is about.

Yes, write them down. Now put them where you'll see them every day. That could be in your daily planner. You could tape them to your wall near your computer monitor. You could put them on a white board in your workspace.

Make it easy for you to see them every day. And review them every day. You want them ingrained in your mind. You want them so clear in your mind that your subconscious can use them to gauge whether or not what you do each day is in line with them. You want your subconscious to be looking out for opportunities that align with your goals so you can see those opportunities. The only way to have this happen? Write your goals, review them daily, embed them in your mind and in your subconscious.

This is 2 of 10 posts in this series. Read post 1 here >>>Top 10 Daily Success Habits<<<

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