Daily Success Habit 6 - Eliminate Distractions

Holy cow are we distracted! If you're like me, you have a laptop or computer, a smartphone, a television. If you're like many others, you have more than this. In one room. Which one is currently turned on? What notification sounds are you hearing right now? Email, social media, timers, and more?

Now add the other distractions like family, friends, your own thoughts, noises from neighbors.

There are so many distractions that threaten to pull you in multiple directions that it can feel like you don't have a chance in the world to get everything done.

It’s more important than ever to know your distractions and then work to eliminate distractions.

For example, make sure your workspace is conducive to powerful, profitable work. Work where you feel comfortable and most productive. That might mean an office, your kitchen table, in a co-working space, or whatever works for you. Figure it out and eliminate distractions in that space. Figure out where you work best and where you’re least distracted—it will make a huge difference in productivity. It will actually then be easier for you to adopt other positive habits that will boost your profits.

If you work from home for yourself, as I do and many people I work with do, then it's important that your family knows when it's time for you to work. They should know to not distract you and bother you during work hours.

If some of your work relies on using Facebook, there are apps you can use on Chrome that will block the feed on Facebook so you have access to Messenger and groups but aren't going to lose time scrolling through nonsense on a news feed. There are apps that prevent you from accessing specific websites and some include timers so that during your working hours you cannot visit these sites.

The more focused you are on achieving specific goals and the more committed you are to doing so, you'll find that you're less distracted. You'll get into the flow of your work and when you're there an alien invasion could occur in your neighborhood and you wouldn't notice.

Set your goals for the day.
Eliminate the known distractions in your work area.
Get into the flow of work.

This is a habit you can do every day and the result will be that you do better work and your business is more profitable.

This is Day 6 in a 10 Day series about daily success habits. You can read Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5.

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