“Your productivity level sucks.”

That's how the email from Brendon Burchard began.

He then shared about his client who was spending over 1 hour a day on social media…just “browsing” almost an hour per day.

After a bit more digging, the client admitted that because of distractions or poor planning; they were losing about 60 minutes before 3 pm every day.

That got my attention.

He is confirming my “Why”.

  • Why I host mastermind groups for business owners.
  • Why I offer Get It Done Groups for solo business owners, freelancers, and those with unfinished projects that need to be – well – finished.
  • Why I work with people in small groups to offer productivity and accountability guidance, tools, and tips.
  • Why I run a Productivity Group on Facebook for Women Entrepreneurs

There is great satisfaction in finishing what we start!

There is great satisfaction in helping others to accomplish their goals!

How Easy Is It To Get Distracted?


The minute you turn on your smartphone the notifications begin.

The minute you turn on your computer your habits take over and you find yourself on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest – browsing. Losing valuable time. Time that can be spent on doing things that matter.

And that lost time isn't just about work or projects or making money! It's about family, fun, friends, health, travel and LIVING!

I can't tell you how many hours I've lost while scrolling through feeds on social media. Just scrolling. Not really reading anything. Just scrolling as if I didn't have a care in the world.

And then feeling the panic begin when I look up and see that more than an hour has passed and I haven't finished the article I was I was writing!

Yikes! Adrenaline rush!

And then the scramble to get back into writing mode so I can finish the article I was working.




Isn't It Time You Said – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

stop being busy start being productiveStop wasting your time.

Stop the struggle of sticking to a calendar or To Do list system that isn't working for you.

it all begins with you saying “STOP!” and then you taking a breath and saying “I need to look at what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and how it fits with my goals for my life and my business.”

I know – sounds simple, doesn't it?

It is.

But simple doesn't mean it's easy.

And that's why so many of us get into the trap of busyness instead of productivity. It's easy to fall into and tis easy to stay.

Consider this your wake up call!

wake up call to stop the busyness and get into productivity

It begins with you. You deciding to do something different that what you have been doing.

Say out loud that you are ready to do something different.

Now say out loud that you are ready to commit to doing the new, different action today.

And now say out loud that you are ready to decide what action steps you need to take today.


What New, Different Action Do I Take?

That will depend on what you need to get done. I know, that's not the answer you were looking for. Seriously, though, while I can't tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing, I can share a template for creating an action plan that may help.

action plan template

Besides the template, I can offer my experience regarding changing my actions:

I look at my bank account and connect the balance directly to my level of productivity that day.

Yep – it's that simple for me. Money in the bank means I have the freedom to choose what I will do with it. No money in the bank means I have no freedom because I'm “forced” to work.

I don't like being “forced”.

I do like having the freedom to choose.

I do like having a healthy bank balance.

I will turn off the social media, outline my action steps for today that will get me closer to finishing what's on my list that will directly result in having more money in the bank.

Maybe that will work for you. if not, then use the action plan template and get to work.



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5 thoughts on “Your Productivity Level Really Sucks!

  1. Awesome post, Charlene. I love your website too.
    I hate feeling forced to do a chapter or a blog, but I also realize the importance of having timely posts.
    I am not a last minute person, but I also realize unexpected things can come up.
    Thank you for sharing.
    God Bless You,

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I’m so glad you stopped by. I would like to think that no one likes to be forced, and yet there are so many who seek it. You make a good point about understanding that unexpected things come up and deter us or detour us from our plan, but those can be dealt with as they come.

  2. As always…
    Well presented and fun to read ‘reality of life’ on the journey to “success”. It is so important for everyone to understand SUCCESS should be your definition and not one the is socially dictated.
    Just because ‘others do it this way’ does not mean that has to be your way.
    Thanks again, Charlene and the yes, Nancy is correct, website look fantastic

    1. Ah, Chuck – you always make me smile when you stop by 🙂 It wasn’t that long ago that you joined me on a live stream and through your sharing of your business story you reminded me that each day is a success if I’ve done something that moved me closer to my end goal. That has stuck with me for quite a while – thank you. And, thank you for your kind words.

      1. You deserve the best. Your approach and follow through is a model of a success path. I wonder if becoming a pool shark has helped attain that level? ~~smile

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