Happiness and Productivity Are A Good Match

Are you happy? Really happy? Not jumping with energy because you're filled with Joy…but more like feeling your heart is full and your mind is calm and you're confident that you're on the right track with your personal and business relationships.
Did you know there are studies that prove a direct correlation between you feeling happy and you being productive?
One, in particular, found that just watching a comedy clip to bring some joy into your life before doing serious work can increase productivity. (Happiness and productivity Oswald, Andrew J., Proto, Eugenio and Sgroi, Daniel (2015) Happiness and productivity. Journal of Labor Economics, 33 (4). pp. 789-822.)
I have found myself less happy these past few days. I had experienced an intense weekend of shooting pool in a tournament followed by regular league/team play followed by another day of shooting pool and was wiped out on Monday and Tuesday. It took another two days for me to feel reasonably normal. One reason is that I didn't hydrate enough during the weekend and another reason is that I didn't have “fun” this week. By “fun” I mean I didn't play. I didn't watch funny movies, instead, I watched intense dramas. I didn't watch funny YouTube videos instead I watched intense philosophical videos. I didn't read fun blogs but instead, I read serious blogs about life-changing moments. The combination of all of this has left me feeling down with low energy and low interest in actually doing any work.
Now that I know the problem, I can find the solution. And the solution is for me to 1. have a little fun today and 2. add to my process for writing and researching a quick moment to laugh.
How I will add it is simple: I'm going to YouTube and I will search for comedy clips. I will watch one and if it makes me laugh I'll begin my work. If it doesn't make me laugh I'll search for another.

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