Social Selling Works!

Really, it does. I know because I began using social selling tactics in 2008, mainly on LinkedIn, to build my Search by Burke business. 

In 2014 I attribute 40% of the business for Search by Burke was from LinkedIn. The other 60% was from other social media platforms and in-person networking in my local area.

So, I know it works. Whatever the platform, the principles are the same.

The problem, I'm finding, is that no one knows those principles!

Heck, all I have to do is go to my Facebook account and 1/2 my feed is filled with promotional messages from people that I don't know, trying to sell me products that I don't need. Blech!

On LinkedIn I get a connection request from a web designer and once I accept the request I get an InMail from him telling me about the services he offers – then he includes multiple links to websites he created (as evidence that he does good work, I think). Trust me, I don't click on those links and I remove him as a connection.

On Instagram I get direct messages from people I don't know asking me to check out their websites.

It's ridiculous! 

Seriously, do these people think that if they saw me in person at a coffee shop that they could come up to me, hand me their business card, tell me to buy their product and that it would work? It's the same thing. Really. It is.

I've been training professionals about Social Selling Using LinkedIn and Facebook since 2009. 

Now, I've partnered with Wellness Expert Moira Hutchinson to create a new workshop. We're titling it:

Mindful Social Selling

Because too many people are doing it wrong, but also there are many that should be using social selling and aren't because they panic at the thought of being seen as

  • salesy
  • too promotional
  • annoying
  • and like the used car salesman of the internet.

It doesn't have to be this way!

We're going to teach you how to do social selling in such a way that you build relationships and feel good while doing it!

Really. We are!


Series of workshops on a virtual platform

Learn, Ask Questions, Put It To Use, Come Back and Ask Questions





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0 thoughts on “Stop Selling! Start Building Relationships

  1. Hi, there.
    Since I started blogging, all the bloggers and experts I connected with told me ‘You need to build relationships with people’. One guy I respect and admire is blogger and marketer Danny Inny who said that, in order to sell something that people want, you need to build your products WTH them. And you do this by making connections and asking people about their needs. Thanks for this post, I totally agree with it.
    Even though I’m not ready yet to make online products, I have some ideas in mind. Best.

    1. Hi Marlena. It’s true, if you want to create a product to sell make sure your target market actually wants the product. In addition, when selling to someone using social media, make sure you’ve used that social media to build a reputation for yourself (so you’re not a stranger to the person) and even better is when you’re able to have a conversation with someone on that platform – be it through groups, engagement on posts, private messages. The best is when you’re able to connect with someone via private message and over a period of time develop a relationship that results in a sale. Just like in-person sales – recognize that there is a person behind the avatar and you’ll have greater success with your sales.

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