Being Sick and Tired

That sickening feeling deep in the pit of the stomach that says “I'm in the wrong place” or “I'm with the wrong people” or “I'm doing the wrong things”.

I ignored that feeling. I got used to it. It was too scary to follow that feeling. Because it meant I would have to leave:

  • the security of a weekly paycheck
  • the security of having sick days
  • the security of having vacation days

Then I got tired, too.

And that's when I said “Enough!” and I was able to do something different.

No More Sick and Tired For Me

Today I have the security of:

  • a husband that believes in me
  • knowing my capabilities and putting them to use to grow a business
  • knowing that if there isn't enough money this week there will be more than enough next week
  • having a skill set that is sought after by individuals who want to improve their own lives
  • faith in myself, my team, my creator

And with all of that – I don't have to be sick and tired anymore.

And neither do you.

Join me and my team and we'll do great things together. >>>Grow Now<<<





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0 thoughts on “Sick and Tired

  1. Hi Charlene, enjoyed your post. It is way too easy to get suckered into the ‘security’ of a job – forgetting that if they don’t want you any more they can pull the rug out at a moment’s notice.

  2. Love the security of having support… especially when you a spouse or partner truly believe in you. Great article.

  3. Spot on Charlene! Sounds like we are a lot alike, except for the husband part :).

    Sometimes it just takes getting to the point where any fears of taking action are overpowered by the desire to change our lives.

    Sounds like getting ‘sick and tired’ worked for you!

  4. Support is great. Don’t we all get sick and tired of all the trash we have to put up with. You will make things happen, I’m sure of it. 🙂

  5. it’s interesting how the conversations you’re having in your head are so similar to mine. great way to relate and know i’m not alone.

  6. Great post Charlene!!! I have preached this from day one… Also my reason for never stopping my search for an opportunity that leads to total freedom…

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