Respect Your Network And They’ll Help You Succeed

Respect Your Network While Learning Social Selling

If you pay attention to your connections and network, have conversations with them like they’re real people, treat them with the respect you want others to show you…

You will receive:

  • Positive feedback from people attracted to you and your message.
  • Positive results, as a consequence of having an attitude of “me and you” rather than just “me”.
  • More opportunities for collaborations, joint ventures, and sales.​
  • A wonderful sense of personal fulfillment.

How do you grow what you’ve started?

1.  Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice with real people all the time. Practice one thing at a time in small steps. Notice how peoples’ attitudes toward you change as you progress. Pay attention to the individual.

2.  Quantity of Practice is More Important Than Quality

Quality and understanding will follow as you get more familiar with the process. In the beginning it’s more important that you get started than getting it right the first time.  

3.  Keep Your Conversations Relaxed

It's not always what you ask or say, it's how you ask or say it. Keep your conversations … conversational!  Don't let your enthusiasm overwhelm people. Relax and listen to what they have to share.

 4.  Let Go of the Outcome!

The outcome is a result of the process. Trusting the process is key. It's the process that will create the relationship and, ultimately, the sale.  Let go of your outcome and your income will increase!

 5.  Don't Start “SELLING”

Don't Start “SELLING”, jumping in with your solution as soon as you glimpse an opportunity! Instead, ask more questions. The first answer may sound like an opportunity to you, but there is always more behind the first answer. Learn what it is.

 6.  Go Slow to Go Fast

Take your time and take it one step at a time. Initiate a conversation then pay attention to what they’re saying. Ask more questions. Make sure your focus is on them.

 7.  Invest Time in People

Find the right people with whom YOU want to work with….and who want to work with YOU. People who want to make a difference in their lives and businesses – just like you’re doing. People who are not only attracted to what you have, but attracted to who you are.

Social Selling Works

It really does. When you put those 7 ideas to work you'll be amazed. More importantly, stick with it. And, above all else – Give RESPECT to those individuals that are willing to give their time to listen to you. 

If you're interested in learning Social Selling That Works, check out this workshop – recordings and handouts to take you from the basics of setting up your profiles for success to connecting, from connecting to having conversations, from having conversations to building your business >>>Mindful Social Selling<<<


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