Remember the last time you did something because everyone else was doing it?

It didn't feel right, but you did it anyway?

You felt awkward and anxious, but more afraid of what the others would say than you were of how you felt?

You had a ‘gut feeling' that it wasn't a good idea, but you did it anyway?

Remember when your mother said “if your friends jumped off a cliff would you do it, too?”

And you said “of course not” but insisted on doing what your friends were doing?

And you did it with your friends, but felt bad while doing it and even worse when it was done?

Remember the last time you didn't say “no”, even though your heart and gut were screaming that you should?

And the results were awful?

And the impact on your family was terrible?

Yeah, me too.

Trust Your Instincts

Learning to trust our instincts, our gut feeling, our intuition is the surest and quickest way to living a life that we want. But we have to learn it first.

I learned it through trial and error.

Through making mistakes by following the crowd when I didn't trust them.

Through feeling “no” but saying “yes” and experiencing pain and angst.

Even today, as a mature adult, I feel the pull of peer pressure and find myself struggling to say “no”.

And I can tell you – with no hesitation and with full confidence that when I say “no” and walk away I am better for it. Always.

So, if today is your day for struggling…

with feeling pulled into something that you want to say “No!” to…

with making a decision that your head says is good but your heart and gut say it's bad…

and you need permission to walk away…

You have that permission.

Listen to your instinct, your intuition, your gut – it will save you…if you let it.


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