I truly have no regrets about anything I've done to this point in my life.

When I behaved badly and caused someone harm, intentional or not, I owned up to it and offered to make amends – to make things right. Some instances required a quick “I'm sorry” and a hug and all was forgotten, others required thought out plans of explanation or acknowledgement and an offer to make things right (or mend the relationship). Some apologies and offers for amendment were accepted, a couple weren't.

Today I live the same way. I'm quick to say “I'm sorry” the moment I realize (or am told) that I caused harm or behaved badly. And I'm thankful that I don't have many reasons to offer to make things right. Usually my bad behavior is in the form of tasteless jokes, snippy remarks, an occasional name calling, interrupting someone during a conversation, display of bad sportsmanship. Some would call it manners or etiquette.

The regrets I do have involve the chances or risks I didn't take.

Each opportunity that I let go by was a good one.

My regret isn't that I didn't have the money to invest to make it happen.

My regret is that I didn't have the confidence, guts, fortitude to cope with naysayers or my own potential inability (read into this – what if it goes wrong? what if it's a bad decision?).

And that means I went against my inner voice, my instinct, my gut feeling.

Freedom to Make a Mistake

Today I enjoy a level of confidence that allows me to take more risks. They're as calculated as I can make them, but my own thinking isn't stopping me from succeeding. I'm not afraid to make a mistake…even one that costs me financially.

And it's because I finally did jump on an opportunity to own my business and stepped out of my comfort zone…really out…really far. And when the naysayers showed up (and they did) I took what they said personally and moved forward in spite of it. And when my own lack of skills showed up (and they did) I asked for help and got it.

While I would love to say that from this point forward I will have no regrets, I can't.

I'm human.

Sometimes my struggle is insecurity. Sometimes it's lack of knowledge. Sometimes lack of monies.

But – I can share this:

When I trust my inner voice, my instinct, my gut, I jump in. It hasn't failed me yet.

What about you?

What kind of regrets do you have?

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