We do not worry over conditions once we have reached a decision to follow a definite line of action. ~ Napoleon Hill


First I make the decision …

Do I stay or do I go?

Do I want the red or the blue?

Do I pursue this project or that one?

Of the 5 opportunities I’ve just researched, which one do I choose?

Then, once the decision is made, the ‘line of action’ shows itself. Usually, for me, it’s not a clearly defined path/line so much as a starting point that sometimes begins with “now what do I do? who do I talk to? how can I get moving on this now?” and I continue to ask questions until I get an answer.

Once I get an answer, I take action.

I just went through this last week. I have the BIG IDEA. I have the FINAL RESULT IN MIND. I have taken action but it wasn’t clear to me how it was going to fit with the BIG IDEA – I just knew it would. Then, last week, I made the decision to move forward with the BIG IDEA and sought answers on how I could do it. I found the answer and am currently on track to finish the first step this weekend.

Nothing feels better than knowing where you’re going and why you’re taking action to get there 🙂 Small steps lead to big results. Making the decision is the first small step.

Always looking forward,

Charlene Burke