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I confess – I am a procrastinator.

It's a shortcoming I admit to…at times I've nurtured and loved and other times I've sworn to remove from my life forever.

Whether the writing or research project (often one and the same) is big or small, I review the project notes and then set it aside.

Or I'll get a package in the mail – a new book! Unless I have a red-hot deadline I jump right in and start reading.

Why do I do this?

It's simple, really. When I put off doing something project related, it feels like I'm giving myself “time off” or a day off of work.

And that feels good.

Many years ago when I started my business I was convinced that procrastination would be why my business failed. So I vowed to not procrastinate…ever.

I was all about beating deadlines, showing up early, getting things done as quickly as possible. It became almost as stressful as the last job I had – the one that sealed the deal on whether or not I'd start my own business.

Over the years I've learned that procrastination isn't always a bad thing – so long as I use a bit of wisdom with the timing for this self-indulgence.

It is possible to balance my need to procrastinate and get things done in a timely manner and not be so adrenaline-high that I use it as fuel to finish a project.

First, instead of just reviewing my project notes I study them. I organize them. I write notes on my whiteboard and legal pads. I internalize everything about the project and file it in my subsconcious mind. Then I feel I've earned the right to set it aside.

So, I set it aside and enjoy a movie or play Words With Friends. I might even work on another project.

Then I return to the original project, bring up my notes, write the draft version, and soon have a final draft ready to show my client.

You see what I did? I earned the right to procrastinate.

Copy Tip

Colloquial phrases are great for carrying emotion into your copy.

The words you choose – matter.

Choose the right words and your copy will feel highly emotional … your prospect will become more emotional when reading it …

and he’ll be far more likely to respond while in this intense emotional state.

a passage from one of Clayton’s financial mailers (colloquial phrases are in

More importantly, millions of disillusioned investors simply took what was left
of their money and went home. It will be a cold day in hell when they trust
Wall Street again, or are tempted to throw good money after bad in stocks.
Many of them couldn’t even do it if they wanted to. Their life savings are
gone, their retirement nest eggs in ruins.

Others are still just clenching their teeth and holding on for dear life
– hoping, praying for a miracle that will raise their decimated stocks from
the dead.

But the ranks of these die-hard optimists are thinning. And each new
revelation of earnings fraud, corporate chicanery and brokerage corruption
will drive many more away from Wall Street.

Can you feel the impact of the bolded phrases?

Now imagine how much more emotion your copy will have when you use similar emotion-packed phrases.


Social Selling Tip

There are 4 Principles that form the foundation of your online communication.

They are:

  • Help other people solve their problems.
  • Listen to what is being meant – not just what is being said.
  • Ask the right questions at the right time.
  • Repeat back what you think you heard they want.

As you can see, these 4 Principles work well when you move them from online to in person communication.

How do you catch the attention of your ideal buyer on social media?

You show up in the same groups or are connected.

You comment with helpful information, answer their questions, post updates that show your expertise.

They respond. A natural part of the online public discussion is to ask if they're willing to finish the conversation in private.

Move them to Direct Message/InMail.

If that conversation continues and it makes sense to go to Zoom, then do so.

Keep the 4 Principles in mind and you're now moving the sales conversation forward.

From The Research Files

aka random bits of info you may or may not be able to use in your life

85% of plant life is found in the ocean

Pun of the Day

The golfer brought an extra pair of pants

in case he got a hole in one

With Gratitude —

Charlene Burke
Let's Connect:

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
~Albert Einstein



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