Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Actions, not words, are the greatest means of self-praise.

There are times when you will be asked to put yourself forward, to compete for a position or a contract, and you will have to speak about your accomplishments.

Naturally, you will want to put the best foot forward. Be certain, however, that when you do so, you are confident that honest inquiry will support what you say about yourself.

If your actions have been wise and responsible, the record will show this. Leaders in any organization are those who say, “Let’s get going. Let’s do something rather than wait around to see what happens.” When your past actions demonstrate that you are a person who accepts responsibility and shows others the way, your career and relationships will benefit you accordingly. ~ Napoleon Hill


There is no doubt that Action speaks louder than words.

And yet, in the world of social media, we are bombarded with the words of those who would try to convince us that they know more, do more, are more…

than those who are actually succeeding and moving forward.

Do we know the difference? Can we see past the words?

As one who would prefer to be in the background, to let my actions speak louder than my words, I struggle with self-promotion.

What I try to do is show my successes by sharing parts of conversations with clients, reviews that clients are kind enough to give me, and examples of how I work.

As a writer and group coach, I do more for my clients than I do for myself. And can relate to the saying “the plumber's house has leaks” or “the carpenter's house is unfinished”.

And yet, in many areas I am succeeding. I am living the life I want, have a business that survived and grew through the recession, and friends and family that love me. And yes, I want more, aspire to be more, am motivated to learn, grow, and share so others can succeed. Hence, I'm still in business, still offering services and products, still here today to share with you.

Always looking forward,

Charlene Burke

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