This is, without a doubt, my favorite 2015 Super Bowl commercial.

I look forward to the Budweiser Clydesdales and dog/puppy every year.

Great story telling.

Incredible emotional responses in this one.

Love the love shown.

Having said that, I don't drink alcohol, so I'm not the true target market for Budweiser.

I am, though, the fringe market.

That means I will share the video and talk about it and chances are good that those whom I share it with will be the true target market.

Brand loyalty doesn't have to be limited to the consumer.

And that lesson applies to you, and to me, as internet marketers and business owners.

When crafting our message we must have our true target market in mind.

Don't get stuck in the thinking of:

  • “So many more can use this!”
  • “I should make sure EVERYONE sees what I'm selling!”
  • “EVERYONE can use this!”

While that may be true, if you try to generalize your message for EVERYONE you will get NO ONE that feels compelled to purchase what you're selling.

Focus your message to talk directly to your target market, in their language. You will have better results, faster.

Trust me, there will be fringe people interested in what you're offering but don't think about them. Think about your target market. That's where the money is and where the results will come from.

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