Blogging and Syndication

If you're going to blog for business you must let people know when a new blog post has been published. You can do this by simply sharing (syndicating) the URL of the blog post on your social media sites. Be mindful of the audience on each site by introducing the post with a blurb that makes sense for the platform.

The following are examples that would work for a single post by a chiropractor. It's an original blog post about Back Pain During Pregnancy:

On Twitter: the intro would be “pregnant with back pain? Just wrote a post that might help you! URL of Post”. Followed by no more than 3 hashtags closely related to the audience's needs.

On Facebook: the intro would be “so many women have issues with back pain during pregnancy. just published a blog about it URL of Post” with an image of a pregnant woman holding her lower back

On LinkedIn: the intro would be “general practitioners and healthcare professionals disagree on how to help pregnant women with back pain. Just published a blog post from the chiropractic point of view URL of Post”. 

Why three different intros? Because these are three different platforms with very different audiences. You'll notice hashtags only on Twitter. And that's because they don't belong on LinkedIn and belong only on Facebook business pages.

Now, that's social media. Another option is to have an RSS available for your reader. RSS is Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. Check out Wikipedia for more information >>>RSS Info<<<

I use it on this blog, and I subscribe to many blogs using my feed reader within my email system (Mail Live). I know Outlook offers it, and I don't know about the other email programs. Also, you can have your own feed reader with, and more. Again, check Wikipedia for more information.

I wrote an ebook titled Social Media Authority that you may find helpful. Quite a few professionals have read and reviewed it, giving it 5 stars for the professional wanting to know how to communicate well on each platform. You can get your copy here: >>>Social Media Authority<<<

Businesses, professionals, solopreneurs, coaches and consultants all can benefit from blogging. If you're not actively blogging then you're missing out on a terrific low cost way to market yourself online. Check out the platform I'm using (based on WordPress) by clicking the link below.



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