Live Streaming to Build a Business

Twitter has two live stream apps now in use by the community: 

  • Periscope

Facebook recently released Mentions to high profile users, but there is a live stream app being used by ‘regular' people, called Streamago.

Can you actually build a business, or get business, from live streaming?


And I say “yes” because live streaming is additional content online that your target market can view. With live streaming you can interact with your target market. You can post a link to your website, to your event, to your product page. And, during the live streaming you can give a clear Call to Action for the audience to take. 

Here are a few ways people are using

  1. demonstration of products – having 3 other people on the Blab talking about the product, showing the product and it's use
  2. interviews – either with experts in the field OR users of your products or services. 
  3. live Q&A – an excellent way to showcase expertise is to offer answers to questions about a specific topic
  4. general discussion – open conversation about a topic related to a product or service

Here are a few ways people are using Periscope (smart phone app):

  1. 10 minute tip session
  2. 15 minute sharing of a topic 
  3. 10 minute meditation session
  4. 20 minute Q&A session

Here are a few ways people are using Facebook Streamago:

  1. 10 minute review of a product
  2. 15 minute review of an upcoming event
  3. 10 minute Q&A session responding to questions posted on a Facebook page
  4. 15 minute opinion piece about current legislation

The beauty of live streaming lies in the interaction. And each platform is different, so pick the one that works well for your purposes.

Periscope is all about you. Viewers can comment and give you hearts (likes) but there is no voice interaction. is all about conversations with other people live streaming at the same time, as well as comments from the audience. 

Streamago is all about you with limited interaction from the audience. There are comments, but no voice interaction.

I recommend that you watch a few Scopes from your favorite business or industry people, sit in on a few Blabs hosted by interesting people and having conversations that you can add value to, and to do your own Streamago to get a feel for how it all works. Then you can decide which one will work best for you. Or, if all of them have a place in your marketing tool box.

Most important to remember is that you can use these live streaming programs to build your reputation as a resource and expert in your industry. And you can do it through providing valuable content, supporting others and being ‘real' on the camera. 




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