Developing a Successful Mindset

It's not easy if you're currently in Survival Mode. There have been many times when my husband and I have had to go into survival mode – doing whatever was necessary to get through the week, through the month, through the pain. We've survived financial distress, physical issues, mental anguish and emotional uncertainty. And when we are in that mode it's difficult to be optimistic about the future, to make plans beyond that week, and to feel confident that “This Too Shall Pass“.

And, it always does.

And when the crisis passes, the challenge is now to change the thinking from Survival Mode to Success Mode.

There is one stop along the way, though, and I do have to mention it…lest you think that this mindset change occurs in an instance. That step is Stable Mode. And it does happen. Sometimes it happens for a day, other times for many months. So be prepared for the the first step beyond Survival Mode to be Stable Mode. It's not a bad place to be.

On to Success Mode

Our most recent crisis was the recession. And I don't believe the economy is better, nor do I believe that this time next year will be different for many parts of the world. What I do believe is that I can think differently and get into Success Mode, which will have a positive affect on those around me and those who are ready to do business with me. Because they are out there – it could be you who are reading this now – it could be the connection I made two months ago, or it could be a current client refers someone to me. I know this because I've gotten out of Survival Mode and into Success Mode.


There are many things I do that insure my mind is set on the correct path. I'm in the process of writing an ebook and one piece is a list of tips (13 right now) that help to remove negative self-talk (Survival Mode and Self-Sabotage) and replace it with thinking that works to build my business, my relationships and my spiritual life.

A few of those tips include:

Be grateful. Practice gratitude in different forms. This can include writing in a journal every day. This allows you to recognize what you have, daily. Say it out loud – those things you're grateful for. And look for something new during the day.

Gain clarity on what you want to accomplish. Then commit to accomplishing this. Maybe you want to write a book. What is it about? Why do you want to write it? Who is the book for? Answer these questions and get to writing. You can edit later.

Don't be afraid to seek help. It's not a sign of weakness. It's a recognition that you don't know everything and that other people have something to offer you. They're there to help you move forward – you have to ask.

Be willing to do things differently. To explore other options. Be open to alternatives. Your best actions got you here, you're not happy being here, time to do things differently. This is when seeking help comes in to play.

Meditate daily to slow down and overactive mind. It helps you gain control over your thoughts, calms your heart, settles your stomach. Really. It does.

These are just a few of the 13 I have on the list, which you can get as a free download here:  >>>Tips for Developing a Successful Mindset<<<

I'd love to know what you do to go from the negative self-talk, the Survival Mode thinking into positive self-talk and Success Mode thinking. Please share below.



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