A group of lions in a zoo, suffering grievously from their imprisonment, formed themselves into various groups. There was the patriotic group: these would meet very often and sing sad songs about their jungle home; nostalgia was their specialty. Then there was the political group whose meetings were always so noisy that you had the impression they were good for something. And then there were a few groups whose interest was entertainment; their aim was to distract themselves from their predicament.

But there was one lion who refused to join any of these groups. He would sit in front of the gate and stare straight ahead all day.  The others thought him anti-social and depressed, and they stopped inviting him to join their groups. One day, out of pity, one  of them sat down beside him and asked gently, “What goes on in your poor sad mind as you sit all day staring?”

“I’m studying the lock.” he replied.




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0 thoughts on “Appreciate The Independent Thinker

  1. That is pretty thought-provoking and true. I think many of us have accepted our own fates. We just find ways to cope, or deal with, our predicament. Others, those that are successful, have decided to “Study the Lock” on the cage we are all in and they discovered a way out.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Charlene……the take-away from this post is awesome. There is a way to get out, to move up, to get what you want. It does take time, patience, commitment, and most importantly belief….but it’s possible. I think this could be the written representation of what it means to struggle for your freedom as an entrepreneur. This was fantastic stuff.

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