First let me confess to you that I am a professional couch potato. Have been most of my life. The things I enjoy doing aren't known for keeping people in shape:

  • Reading – anything and everything, though I don't really enjoy Fantasy novels
  • Pool – I shoot a great game, shooting every week in a league, playing in tournaments locally and state wide
  • Writing – when I'm in the zone, whether it's direct sales copy or content for an ebook, I'm in heaven
  • Playing piano – again, when I'm in the zone I'm in heaven
  • Learning – I have an insatiable need to know things. Whether it's a new skill or piece of trivia, deep research into manufacturing materials and processes or how the rover on Mars was built, I can (and do) spend time on the computer gathering information, disseminating it and if it's for a client I also organize it for their needs
  • Live theater – I enjoy a good movie, but I get thoroughly engrossed in a live performance done well. Be it a musical or drama.

I think I've made my point. I sit…a lot.

A few years ago I learned that action is a requirement for success, similar to Success Loves Speed, I realized that it wasn't just success in business, but also in my personal life, that I needed to add action. By action I mean movement – motion – activity.

This is what I've put in place and have found to help:

  • An alarm clock for my computer. I tried kitchen timers, stove and microwave timer, a stopwatch on my cell phone. Nothing was working to keep my attention long enough to get me moving. All I wanted was something that interrupted me enough to be able to say “I can get up and move now”. I found it here: Free Alarm Clock. Yes, it's free. Easy to download. Why I like it: I set the alarm for every 45 minutes. I get a pop up on my monitor, with sound, that requires me to click on it to remove. When I click I get up and walk around. It's been an amazing tool for me get more movement in my day.
  • Hand weights. 5 lbs each that sit at my feet during the day. While I'm watching a webinar or listening to an audio online, I will pick these up and start some basic lifts. Doesn't take long before I'm standing up, stretching and moving while learning. FYI – this doesn't work if you need to take notes or pay close attention to details.
  • Music – hard rock especially. I'm not a dancer (well, I tried belly dancing once and found it to be the best workout ever…hmmm…I think I'll consider going back to that). Anyway, while I love music it's usually the classical kind. But, my favorite rock bands are AC/DC and Aerosmith. Any time I hear them I need to get up and move.

All of these have helped me change my activity level so that my heart gets moving, as does my body. For those who are fit and very active, I know this is nothing compared to what you do. But for me? It's an achievement that I've been able to keep these in my daily life.

So, get moving! Do something, now! If you're sitting, stand up! If you're standing, get walking! Yes, it is that simple (not easy, but simple). The best way to succeed is Do It!


And you will be transformed.



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0 thoughts on “Action Leads to Success

  1. This is so true. Sometime we act as if just having knowledge and having a plan is going to get us where we want to be. It actually taking acting on the plan. Right?

    1. Oh yes Linda. The best lesson I learned was that when I took action on the plan my business (and I) grew.

  2. This plan is so good on so many levels. I like the alarm clock on computer. If for no other reason that I need to MAKE myself take a short break. I get started and it is hard to stop!

    I have also learned that consistent action has worked in my business as well. I am not beginning to get lots of interaction, phone and email inquiries. We are going to have a breakout Spring!

    1. I love the alarm clock! Have gotten up many times throughout today because of it. Yes, we are going to have a breakout Spring! Let’s do it!

    1. Ah David, effort is in the eye of the doer. I was trained as a classical pianist, attending and studying at Hanover College when I was very young. Sometimes it’s a workout – especially Rachmaninoff or Mozart. Mental effort is really needed when shooting pool – one of the reasons I like it. I get intense when working on projects, writing and more and need something very different with the same level of intensity to offset it and relax. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great post Charlene. I think I will check into the alarm clock. I need to break the habit of sitting at my computer too long.

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