It's taken me many years to reach this conclusion:

Life is not easy.

Note that I did NOT say Life is not Fair.

Fairs are for children who want to ride roller coasters, eat cotton candy and try to win a stuffed animal or goldfish.

I've read numerous books about human psychology, engaged in lively discussions in college classes and over kitchen tables, dipped my research ability into neuroscience and neurobiology, spoken to religious leaders such as priests, ministers, a rabbi and a few seminary professors, and more.

I have a faith rooted in Christianity through the Catholic religion and was blessed with a family that encouraged me to ask questions and find answers.

It's through these questions and my own life experience that I can honestly state:

in order for me, as a human being, to grow and change and be better…I must be challenged.

And, when I have accepted the challenge? That is when I succeeded.

Whether it's in my relationships with people or building a business, the only way I've learned and grown is by taking on the challenge.

The Challenges of Life?

  • To do something differently.
  • To ask for help.
  • To risk making a mistake.
  • To survive a medical diagnosis that others have died from.
  • To rely on someone else to make a decision.
  • To make a decision that involves commitment.
  • To commit to something that results in strained relationships.
  • To grow up.

Of course there's more.

But for me it does boil down to this one statement: Life is not easy, and it's not meant to be.

Helps me to stop the whining and get to doing.

Helps me to ‘suck it up buttercup'.

Helps me to stop hoping for a life of ease and accept the challenges that come my way.

What about you?



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