It takes work – hard work – to be successful.





Being focused on the end goal and doing what needs to be done to get there.

There's a reason it's taken me some time to be successful.

I was lazy. It was easier to watch other people do the work and gain the rewards.

I was a thinker. I would think about what I wanted to do until in my mind I completed what I wanted to do – then I was done.

I had no goals. I only had “what I want”. There's a difference. The “what I want” was a list of items, not an end result of effort.

I was filled with negativity. I truly believed I wasn't good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, talented enough…or just simply, that I wasn't enough.

I was a small thinker. In my 20s I was a long term thinker, envisioning what I was working toward so that I could live the way I wanted to in my 40s. Then events occurred throughout my 30s and I responded by becoming a small thinker, not planning anything beyond just a few days ahead.

I didn't believe. I truly did not believe it was possible for me to have what I saw that others had, for me to do what I saw others doing.

With a bit of help from a few successful people, I've turned things around in my head and in my heart.

My main struggles are not being enough and believing. These two can derail me during the day. Some days they win, most days they don't.

Today I am:

Committed to a big dream, a big goal.

Focused on the daily things that need to be done to reach that dream, that goal.


Doing what needs to be done, even when it's uncomfortable or scary.

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As always, I'd love to know what you think and what your experience with success (or lack of) has been. And, of course…let's connect.

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