Why You Should Start Your Own Internet Business

Just a few days ago I had a terrific conversation with a “soon-to-be” internet business owner. We were having lunch at a local hot spot, enjoying great food (I had the steak salad…tenderloin cooked properly is good on anything!) and talking about his new business model.

He's not new to owning a business, but he is new to owning an internet business. There is a difference and the purpose of the lunch and conversation was to guide him to getting the business set up. His natural way of doing things is “Ready, Fire, Aim!” and this time he wants to enter the market right…the first time.

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He's 56 years old and has been a business owner since in the early '80s. Until the mid-2000s his business was local. And while he didn't own a brick & mortar, he was out and about every day, selling the work then doing the work himself. He built quite a reputation in town for quality work and service, and grew the business to the point where he has employees and a long list of satisfied customers.


Then he tried Ebay. And with little knowledge of the internet, he was able to build a successful Ebay business. He took advantage of tutorials and training offered by Ebay. He talked with technical support and learned what he could about creating attractive Buy Now offers. He brought his hands-on knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting to the Ebay store and built quite a nice business there – while still doing the local business. Then he shut down the Ebay store for personal reasons.

Now he's ready for an ecommerce store. He knows that's where the money is. He knows that's where his future is. What he doesn't know is the ‘how to'. That's where I came in.

He'll be up and running in a few weeks. The store will be an ecommerce site launched with his products and we'll be doing online marketing to drive traffic. He should be profitable before the end of the summer.

His reasons for owning an internet business include:


  1. It's less risky than opening a brick & mortar. He is willing to learn new skills and invest in himself and the business. More importantly, he knows that he is ultimately insuring his long term security by learning these new skills. He already has plans to start another internet business, once this one is up and running.
  2. He will have access to a larger customer base. His current business is limited to the population of the town he lives in and his ability to physically be in front of new customers on a regular basis. With an internet business – the same type of customer he has now … numbers in the hundreds of thousands.
  3. Low start up costs. A brick & mortar would have a start up cost of about $12,000 (lease deposit & payment, inventory, shelving, electricity and water deposits, inspection, remodel of the store and more), followed by monthly fixed costs of $2,500. His internet business will cost less than $5,000 to set up and market in the first two months. Then his ongoing fixed costs will be $300/month for access to tools and platforms for the business.
  4. Having more time for his family. They're going through some stressful, emotional things right now and he wants to be available to them for the next year or two. He knows that when he moves the majority of his business to the internet, he will be able to do it.
  5. Time Freedom. He's tired of being pulled in various directions related to selling then doing the work. He's looking forward to moving the entire business to the internet. Not only can he spend time with the family, but he can begin to have a bit more fun with his hobbies.

The other 96 reasons have some zeros involved…he is ready to make a LOT more money than he's currently bringing in and knows it can happen on the internet.

  • Time Freedom
  • More Money
  • Time for Family
  • Less Risk
  • Access to More Customers

Just a few reasons I love my internet business, why he is starting his own internet business, and why I think that you should have one, too.

Oh, one last thing. When I asked him why he was confident that he could have a successful ecommerce store, he said,

“All it takes to have a successful internet business is a quality product or service, a website and implementing a smart marketing plan. Anyone can do it. You're not limited by age, by education, by gender. You're only limited by your thinking…if you think you can do it, you can.”

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