A Morning Routine for Success

I have a morning routine that is proving to be very good for me personally and professionally.

It has helped me:

  • to stay motivated
  • be inspired to write and create content
  • to change my thinking to one of abundance

The routine goes like this:

  • I read between 30 and 60 minutes each morning.
  • Followed by an audio from Inner Circle.
  • Then at 9 am ET I jump on a conference call where a reading from a Napolean Hill book is done, followed by comments from listeners. You are welcome to join us on that call at: 712-432-0900 Access Code: 565762#. Each call is recorded and you can hear the recording here: 712-432-0990 Access Code: 565762#.

Today I'm starting a new book, “The Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power” by Brendon Burchard.

I ordered and received my copy a few months ago, began reading it and realized that it really works best as a “chapter a day” read. I set it aside in favor of Tony Robbins' “Awakening the Giant Within”.

My plan is to read one chapter, focus and meditate/ponder/ruminate on the ‘lesson', then note how I can apply it to me and the day ahead. 

I'll let you know how it goes.

So, do you have a morning routine that works for you?

Are you preparing yourself for the day so that you will be successful?

Are you wondering what to change, now, so that you can be closer to living the life you want to live?

Wondering what successful internet marketers do every day to be successful? Check out the Inner Circle audios – recordings from real people doing real things with internet marketing. One of the better investments I've made toward keeping up to speed with internet marketing tactics, but also to keep my mind focused as a business owner.



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