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Tips to Stay Focused and Productive Without Getting Burned Out

Tips to Stay Focused and Productive Without Getting Burned Out

  1. Remove distractions: Stay away from social media. Turn off your mobile phone while working. Mute the landline. Close the door. Wear noise cancelling headphones. Turn off notifications on your laptop.
  2. Use the Pomodoro technique. Turn on a timer for 20 minutes and focus on only one task for those 20 minutes. Take a 5 minute break. REPEAT.
  3. Join a focused work group (Like the Focus & Succeed Group starting April 2) that uses the Pomodoro technique and peer support via private forums.
  4. Eat the ugly frog first. Finish your major and energy depleting task first when you get to work.
  5. Rest. Don’t be ruthless on yourself and try to push through the burn out if you are tired. Delegate the tasks you can.
  6. Don't multi-task. Focus on one task at one time. Finish it. Move on to the next task.

The above really do work. But for some reason, they're not working for you now.

Your project is almost done. You need to set aside focused time to work on it.

But, you could also use another set of eyes to review your progress so that you know you're on the right track…

so you know what you've done to this point actually makes sense…

so you know you haven't missed a step, or a link, or a resource…

You can do that here: >>>Focus and Succeed Group<<<

The Pomodoro technique will be used in this group:

We will have planned, virtual work sessions. You won't be required to attend, but you will be encouraged. They are so effective to getting things done it's mind-boggling.

I've run these types of groups before – and more importantly, I've participated in these types of groups before. Because I was a member of a Get It Done group that included virtual work sessions I was able to accomplish the following:

  • Finish an eBook
    Outline a new eBook
    Write content for my website
    Create a landing page, update the downloads, create the series of emails to go with the offering in the landing page
    Focused research on a topic that bored me to tears – but was part of a project for a client

What could you use timed, focus sessions for?

  • finish your book?
  • finish your website?
  • write a keynote speech?
  • make sales calls?
  • follow up with sales leads?
  • do some research for your work?
  • study for class?
  • write a paper?
  • organize your work week?

Whether it's to finish a project or get active on creating new habits –

NOW is the time to join the Focus and Succeed! Group so you can GET IT DONE! Just like I did!

Join like-minded, focused people who want to finish the project, achieve the goals, and GET IT DONE!

Meet weekly, virtually.
Private forum.
Access to me.
Connect with others in the private forum.
Learn what works and what doesn't for your project.

Learn more and sign up now: >>>The Group That GETS IT DONE!<<<

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