stop arguing online stay out of their business

Stay Out of Their Business Keep the Focus on Yourself

Keep your focus on yourself.

On your own moral dilemmas.

There is plenty there to keep you busy.

People are messy.

Life is complicated.

When you find yourself drawn into discussions that devolve into arguments about someone else (a politician, a scientist, a CEO, an actor, a Hollywood name, a business owner, a religious leader) and who is right or wrong, who is morally corrupt, who is the victim or the predator…

Step back, take a breath, and tell yourself “stop”.

There is always more to the story than what you are told.

There is a reason many people continue to work on Wall Street despite their reservations, or why people who didn’t vote for a certain president nevertheless take jobs with (or stay in) the incoming administration, or why they accepted a job offer with a company that recently was the headline news story. That is to say, the reasons are complicated—some good and some bad. It is easy to judge these people, to call them hypocrites or villains.” ~ The Daily Stoic

The truth is that life is complicated and what might seem like avarice or greed to an outsider might just as easily be genuine selflessness and sacrifice.

You simply don't know.

What you do know is what is happening in your life…in your home…in your work…in your own mind and heart. That is what you are an authority on.

When you keep your focus on yourself…you will be available to others who need you and you will be pleased with how you feel about your life.

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