Those Who Succeed Never Stop Learning

My logo represents my passion for learning, knowing, growing and profiting from all of that information.

Every single person I've met who owns a successful business or is a success in their field, has a thirst for knowledge and a yearning to improve. They also have a need to share what they know with those willing to listen and do for themselves.

They seek to learn from books – biographies of great leaders, stories about business failures and successes, adventure stories and fiction based on facts.

They seek to learn from podcasts – interviews with successful business owners, discussions about obstacles to success, authors talking about their writing process, panel discussions about marketing/sales/growth/personal growth.

They seek to learn from others – mastermind groups, CEO round tables, inner circle of advisors and supporters, speakers, instructors

They seek to learn from themselves – regular habit of reviewing mistakes and successes.

They seek to share what they know – coffee meetings, video conferences, speaking to groups, writing ebooks, creating ecourses, video, live streaming.

“What am I doing now to learn, improve, share”?

I read. Every day. I begin my day with a reading from a religious or spiritual book, followed by prayer and meditation focused on the reading. Then I read from Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. I combine that with live streaming on Blab and host a week day morning program Morning Mindset Cafe: Think and Grow Rich. I read a few pages aloud then open the seats for live discussion.

I listen to an audio. Every day. It's a recording/podcast of someone sharing their experience with growing a business. Sometimes it's about the business owner's struggles with motivation, inspiration, productivity and how they met the challenge. Sometimes it's about processes such as the sales funnel, streamlining the marketing funnel, improving an email campaign. I have a monthly subscription to Inner Circle, and I listen to podcasts and radio shows on the internet.

I connect with at least one person. Every day. What I mean by this is that I have a network of people I'm connected to on social media, in business groups, as a member of associations. Each person is someone I want to get to know. By reaching out daily I am able to meet each person, usually through video conferencing, and learn more about them. In turn, they learn more about me. The results are terrific – I grow as a person, am able to help someone else by referring people to them or offering a bit of guidance, and they help me by sending me referrals and connecting me with people in their network.

I am inspired and motivated by others. I moderate Mastermind Groups for solopreneurs and I am always impressed with the level of sharing that goes on. They share their struggles and challenges (personal and business) and share their solutions with each other. They grow personally and professionally. Their businesses grow, too, because of their personal growth.

I meet with professionals every week. As a member of an offline business networking group, every week I enjoy lunch and conversations with local business professionals. I learn about them as people and when I can help with a referral or introduction to someone, I do. They do the same for me. I also host a weekly, virtual networking meeting. This is where business professionals meet online, listen and learn from a presenter, introduce themselves and their businesses, and share contact information. Both the offline and online meetings are excellent venues for meeting quality, successful professionals interested in helping others to grow their businesses (and yes, I've gotten new customers from both!)

I keep up with what works in my field. I recently attended a Facebook Advertising class to learn what works and doesn't work…now…on Facebook. I'll do it again in a few months because Facebook will change how ads are presented.

What do you do to keep learning? What books do you read? What audios/podcasts do you listen to? Do you belong to a Mastermind Group? Do you meet with professionals on a regular basis?

Please share your thoughts and experiences below – introduce me to a new podcast or book. Share your favorite live streaming program. I really do want to learn more.


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