Do people really make money online?

Yes! They do. All day, every day. Day in and day out.

Why do you ask?

My guess is that you want to make money online and

  1. have tried and haven't been able to make it work
  2. don't know how and are overwhelmed with how it all works

The internet has changed

how we do business …

how we develop relationships …

how we communicate with each other.

It's also given many people the false expectation of ‘making money fast'. Well, actually, ‘fast' is relative. If you want to make money this week and have no foundation to build on, then it won't happen. If you want to make money over the next few months and have a team that can provide you with training, encouragement and motivation, then it's very possible.

Many people, like Roseanne, spend thousands of dollars (over a year or two or three) purchasing and downloading training without support or updates or examples or a team/tribe to keep them motivated.

The Story of Roseanne


Image representative of Roseanne

Roseanne is a business coach with a heart. She has extensive experience owning a business, employing thousands of people over the years, dealing with growth and retraction and the roller coaster of a business owner's life. She sold her 20+ year old business because it was time for a break, a reprieve, a recharge for something new. Knowing she wanted to work with business owners to help them streamline their processes, build teams and make more money, she got trained by the best: Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey and a two year degree from a University in Training and Development.

She knows that the internet is where she needs to be, coaching and working with business owners across the United States. So, she purchases a website package designed for business coaches that includes SEO and a blog for her to use. She doesn't have a clue about websites, SEO or blogging, but figures she can mimic what other coaches are doing online and learn as she goes.

She blogs every day – treating it like an online diary and blogs about what it's like to be a brand new business coach, shares a quote once in a while from her training, even shared a few pictures of her husband and dog (trying to look ‘human and real').

She does have email addresses going into a database because there's a Subscribe form that came with the site. But she doesn't know what to do with them.

A few months go by and she hasn't received an email or a telephone call for her services.

Buy the Training but Don't Know How to Use It

Internet-Marketing-For-Online-BusinessShe looks online for information about how to get customers from her website and finds successful business coaches selling internet marketing training. So begins purchasing training over the next two years.

Examples of a few of the trainings she purchased:

“Optimizing Your Website for Success” – a 6 week course via webinar and telephone with workbooks and access to a membership site. Cost $2,497

“How to Write Compelling Copy” – an ebook with editing sessions. Cost $497

“How to Sell Your Coaching Services Online” – a 4 week training with webinars, ebooks, workbooks and access to the trainer/coach for one hour per week. Cost $3,497

And that's just the beginning.

By the end of 2 years she had spent well over $25,000 in online training courses, had a few clients (gotten from referrals through face to face networking) and doesn't have a clue about how to actually do internet marketing for her business.

Every one of the training courses is very good and many people were able to put them to use and make money online.

Roseanne wasn't able to. And still can't do it today.

She doesn't really understand the “How and Why” some things worked better than others. She was trained on the tactics, but isn't able to translate those tactics to her market.

For instance:

Email Marketing – “the money is in the list!” is what she heard, but she doesn't know how that works. How to go from 5 emails in a series to regular follow ups. She knew what to write (exactly what the trainers told her to) but didn't know how to read the analytics to determine if her Subscribers were reading the emails or even interested in what she was writing.

Optimize Your Website – she learned all about SEO while building a website,  but couldn't put it to use because she's not a website builder or a programmer! Classic case of not knowing what she really needed to learn … considering that the website she owns is already fully optimized by the original creator.

Social Media – she has a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, and Twitter and posts every once in a while. Usually a quote from someone else or a news story about business, posting a link to all three profiles. She doesn't know how to build relationships and be ‘social' on social media.

Market Research – she has a clear picture of her ideal client, but she doesn't know where they spend their time online, what message will work for them, how to get them from Facebook to her website, from LinkedIn to the telephone.

Video – she knows she need to do it, has quality equipment, but doesn't know what she should talk about or who she should show it to.

Ebook – she wrote one, then decided it was better to have it as a real paper book instead of Kindle. She spend over $6,000 learning how to write a book, working with an editor, hiring a graphic designer for the covers (front and back), working with a publisher. It's not published, yet, after 13 months of working on it.

And there's more.

Her story is just like Charlie's:

He was laid off from his job as a Business Analyst and decided that it was time for him to step out on his and make money online. 6 months later, after spending $4,097 on training, he's not making money online.

And just like Pam's:

She is married with three children and wants to work from home, but after spending $5,497 over the year to learn internet marketing, she doesn't have any sales to show for her efforts.

And just like Susan's:

She has been in network marketing for 6 years, selling 7 different products in that time … from wellness/nutrition products to Legal assistance, from skin care products to essential oils, and a few others. She heard that she could make sales using social media, so she set up profiles in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and sends daily promotional messages through each of them. No sales yet.

Those Who Make It Online

Justin was in real estate appraisals, going broke during the recession, married and living in a small apartment. About to file bankruptcy he decides it's time for him to go online and make money.

He found a team of people that provide training that is updated regularly, support, encouragement, examples of successes & failures, and within a couple of years he is a millionaire. He now has a family that includes a young daughter, works closely with individuals that want to make money online – for the long term.

Rhonda was a corporate executive making 6 figures in salary a year ($100K or more), and realized that the hours she was putting in to her job would prevent her from spending time with her family like she wanted to. She also didn't want to wait until she was retired before traveling the world with her family – something she truly wanted to do.

She found a team of people that provide training that is updated regularly, support, encouragement, examples of successes & failures, and within a couple of years, she is a millionaire and lives the nomadic life with her husband and daughter. She works closely with individuals that want to make money online – for the long term.

Vashon, divorced with two boys, struggling to find her way as a newly single mother and not wanting to work two jobs to support her boys.

She found a team of people that provide training that is updated regularly, support, encouragement, examples of successes & failures. She now has a thriving internet marketing business, spends time with her two boys every single day and shares her current internet marketing knowledge with individuals that want to make money online – for the long term.

Charlene, married with no kids, who loves to learn and teach and work with businesses and individuals but hates corporate restrictions and working in cubicle farms.

She found a team of people that provide training that is updated regularly, support, encouragement, examples of successes & failures. She now has a thriving internet marketing and business research agency, while husband is on the lookout for the perfect RV, with plans to hit the road by the end of 2015.

Are You Seeing What Works?

join a team of successful internet marketers, learn and do and make money onlineThe common thread is they found a team of people that provide training that is updated regularly, support, encouragement, examples of successes & failures. They invest in their business when and where it's necessary. They invest in training and then are able to put it to use right away because they understand the “How and Why”.

How can you do this?

I'm glad you asked.

If you're ready to make money online and want to do it with the support and encouragement of a team that has experience, shares their own examples of successes & failures, invest in their own businesses and education on a regular basis, then you can Start Here.

See you on the other side!


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  1. Wowzers Charlene! This blog is PACKED with information! Talk about info overload! LOL Way to go on AMAZING content! This could easily be broken down in to a series and has massive value… enough value to charge to gain access to the series! 🙂 Hint Hint! Appreciae you girl!!!

    1. Aw thanks, Laura. I’m going to do an audio, then a video, then compile a few posts like this into an ebook…one thing at a time, though. First, the video for YouTube 🙂 Thanks for liking it – and am not certain just how to charge to gain access to the series…so will be in touch soon.

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