How to Start a Dream

Really, the question is – how do I get off my duff and get going on that dream of mine?

It took me years and the emotional support of my husband to even begin thinking that I could possibly, just maybe, have a business of my own. And I'll write about that sometime.

I was scared of owning my own business because I'd never done it before. And I was stuck in the mode of “needing the security of a job”.

And yet, after three lay offs and a firing I've learned that no job is secure.

And that putting my livelihood in the hands of someone else (an employer) is much scarier than being responsible for it myself.

For now, just know that when you get honest with yourself

  • about your abilities
  • about your insecurities
  • about your level of commitment to your future

And take back the power of being able to do something with your life.

You will see that you can start doing something about your dream.

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