Sunday Fun

I have fond memories of getting the Sunday newspaper from the the front porch, slipping the Sunday Funnies section out as I handed the rest to my father. Then I, and my younger brothers, would lie on the floor and read the comics.

While in my 20s I loved getting the Sunday paper from the local convenience store and bringing it back to the apartment. The first section I read was the comics.

In my 30sĀ  I loved retrieving the Sunday paper from our newspaper box (next to the mailbox) and bringing it in to the house. Then waiting for my husband to give me the funnies.

In my 40s I missed getting the paper. In our area the delivery was spotty so I stopped subscribing. Then I was traveling so much with my job that I didn't have time to read the local Sunday paper. But – I did learn that wherever I was in the USA, there was a Sunday paper with a comics section.

Since I started my business in 2008 I get all of my news online. And imagine my delight in finding the Sunday funnies online!

If you want to enjoy your Sunday mornings like I do … you must check out Comics Kingdom – the best comic strips, editorial cartoons and puzzles in all the land (according to their site).

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0 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies

  1. Great post…makes me flashback when I was a kid…I haven’t seen the Sunday funnies since….hmmm…I can’t remember. Wow! Things have really changed….thanks for the memories Charlene!

  2. posts like this i love the most. just real life you know. I’m living in france right now and boy do they like their comics. you can learn everything about the current culture and political temperature by perusing through the comic mags… it’s never been my thing, maybe I should give it a second go

  3. I loved the Sunday funnies too, Charlene! It was always a bit of a battle with my siblings, who got to read them first! Thank you for the stroll down memory lane today!

  4. Hi Charlene… I owned a newspaper distribution business in the city of Boston for 29 years… along with a few other delivery services as well. It was always great getting and delivering the Sunday paper although it was usually much bigger than the daily. All of those advertisements! Thanks for the link to ComicsKingdom… will pop over there for some funny inspiration! Continued success to you.

  5. You are so right. I used to sit as a kid waiting for them to give me the comics (that’s what I called them). I used to love doing the JUMBLE puzzle too.

  6. How fun! Thank you for sharing this story, Charlene! It reminded me of growing up and reading the comics section in the paper. I also don’t get a newspaper anymore, but I remember reading them front to back when I was a young girl and we had to read the paper every day in Government class and talk about stories that interested us. Laughter is a powerful tool, so the daily comics section and the big colorful comics in the Sunday paper always brought me happiness.

  7. The Sunday funnies was a ritual for me. I looked forward to them and loved reading them every week. There are still some really witty ones (like the one you shared above). Thanks for the chuckle, Charlene!

  8. Cool post Charlene. Just took me down my own memory lane with the funnies. šŸ™‚ Good times, but now I only read the paper at my mother-in-laws house. Time stands still at that place. Thanks for sharing šŸ˜€

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