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Character and Reputation Matter

Bankers often lend money on character, but seldom on reputation alone, for they have learned that not all reputations are deserved.

When considering a loan, a banker attaches great importance to three things: the borrower’s ability to repay the loan, the borrower’s credit history, and the borrower’s character.

The first two considerations can be calculated mathematically; the third requires judgment and experience. Prudent bankers have learned that persons of character are always a good risk because they take their obligations seriously while those who spend their resources on the trappings of success should be avoided at all costs.

Protect your good reputation as you would protect your home, your investments, and your life. Once shattered, a good reputation can only be regained by those who have developed the courage and willpower to persevere in the face of great odds. ~ Napoleon Hill


How well do you manage your reputation?

If you're a business owner it's vital that you know what the world thinks of you and your business.

The world being –

  • your customers
  • your team members
  • friends
  • business associates
  • network connections (online & offline)
  • strangers on social media

As individuals our character will help (or hurt) us as we navigate the business world. It's what drives our behavior. Our behavior is what others judge us on – and that judgement becomes our reputation.

One of the services my business provided from 2008 – 2019 was reputation management.

Because individuals and businesses don't pay attention to what people outside of their world say or think about them. Then, when an ‘attack' happens they're surprised and frozen because they don't know how to deal with it.

The same holds true for me and you. We've seen how vicious people on social media can be – the minute a ‘controversial opinion' has been shared. The rallying of others to get someone fired…to shut down a business…to ‘cancel' a person.

Think about this for a moment: do you consider your opinions to be controversial?

It doesn't matter because someone else will.

When you step outside of your circle you need to educate yourself on how to protect your reputation – and how to rebuild it should an ‘attack' happen.

In the meantime, let's keep this simple:

  • Your character is who you are. It is what guides your behavior.
  • Your reputation is what other people think of you. They determine this by judging your behavior against their values.

Your good reputation is important and you do need to protect it. Because it not only affects you it affects your family, friends, business associates, and customers. But don’t get too caught up in thinking you need to change who you are to protect your reputation.

Maintain and build your character. Be intentional with how you act. Be disciplined and hold true to your values. Practice good principles of living and communicating so you don't damage your reputation. Follow the rules of manners and etiquette to show respect for your fellow human.

Your character is what will determine if your reputation can be salvaged … should it be attacked.

Copy Tip

Your audience has one question that must be answered with your copy.

They don't say it out loud …

but it’s what makes them continue to read or listen to what you wrote…

or decide it's not worth their time.

The question you must answer is:

WIIFM – What’s in it for me?

It is the number one rule of salesmanship.

Because people buy for one reason and one reason only – the product is the solution to their problem.

You must get their attention with your headline and keep their attention with your copy.

All while you lead them through all the reasons this product is the solution they need and must have.

Random Thought of the Day

Someone shared with me that a local business coach used to say this to his adoring fans:

“I pride myself on being humble.”

I don't think that's how it works.

If you have to tell me you're humble…

If you have to tell me you're authentic…

If you have to tell me you're awesome…

are you really?

If you have to tell me then it's because I don't see it.

I don't see it because it's not there.

So you have to tell me because you want me to believe something that isn't true.


From The Research Files

aka random bits of info you may or may not be able to use in your life

Milk – It does a body good when it retains its nutrients

Supermarket milk retains its nutrients better in fiberboard cartons than in clear plastic containers.

Reason: When exposed to fluorescent lights, low-fat or skim milk loses 90% of its vitamin A in 24 hours.

Research at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York


Pun of the Day

Have you seen the new pen that writes underwater, upside down and in outer space?

It writes lots of other words too.


With Gratitude —

Charlene Burke

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“Don’t give people what they want, give them what they need.”

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