Ask any successful business owner how they manage to get so much done and it's highly likely they'll mention 3 things:

  • outsourcing
  • 80-hour work weeks
  • killer caffeine habit

What they won't mention is the infrastructure they have in place that keeps everything in their business operating smoothly.

Here's a secret about productivity and business owners who get things done:


checklists and workflows for productivity


Business owners have discovered the secret that

Proven, repeatable systems are
the key to business success!

I know. You didn't want to hear that, right?

I can hear you now, “Checklists are like To-Do Lists and they're boring! Isn't it a lot faster to just do a task than it is to document it?”

Here's what you don't know: Checklists and other business documentation help new entrepreneurs be more efficient and make successful businesses more profitable.

Every successful business – from billion-dollar corporations to the consignment shop on the corner to the solo coach or consultant – uses checklists to document their workflows. If you're not using them in your business, I already know 3 things about you:

1. You're working too hard and wasting more time than you think you do.

2. You're not making as much money as you could be making if you were to implement more efficient systems.

3. Your business is one bad flu season away from total disaster.


Pshaw, you say? Think I'm exaggerating? Consider this:

If you don't have your critical business processes well documented in checklist form …

  • How many hours each week do you spend searching for lost passwords or figuring out (again) what size image to use in a blog post?
  • How much money have you lost thanks to those wasted hours?
  • Most importantly, if you could not work this week for any reason, who is there to take over your most crucial business tasks, and how will they know what to do?

As a business owner, those are the questions that should be keeping you up at night.

If they are, I want you to know that you can put proper systems in place that will prevent disaster and help you to make more money, too!

Cindy Bidar has created a series of operations & marketing checklists that have been proven to work for 6- and 7-figure businesses.

They're what keep million-dollar companies running smoothly, and they'll help you and your team, too.

With these checklists in your business toolkit, you will:

  • Save time by completing every task more efficiently.
  • Provide a better customer experience by maintaining consistency throughout your business.
  • Easily delegate projects to team members so you can do the important, money-making tasks.
  • Cross-train your team so you're never left scrambling when a team member leaves or takes a vacation.

I know, sounds awesome, doesn't it?

It is. They are. She is.

Having met Cindy in person and having been a customer of hers for a while, I can attest to the value she provides in every one of her product offerings.

This one is exceptional and I encourage you to buy it now.

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